Once Upon a Time in the West / C’era una volta il West (Sergio Leone, 1968)

By the way, for my Dutch friends, I have read a customer review on bol.com (where a version is sold that says Dutch subtitles on the BluRay), that they’ve simply included the old 2011 BluRay disc. Which also means none of the new extras

The disc has sold out.

Same with a few other editions, but not in all territories have non-limited standard editions been announced yet… anyways, I find two things puzzling: all the extras only on the BluRay (okay, a major point of critcism is Paramount’s use of a BD66 in the first place) and the limitation in subtitles/languages, which preclude certain territories (e.g. no Portuguese subtitles? what about the Nordics? etc)

This is idiotic nonsense. Let’s keep regurgitating the incorrect cut(s) forever just like MGM did with GBU. Fuck this new edition, and fuck Paramount.
Spoiler alert: nah I won’t be buying it :slightly_smiling_face:


My guess is that 99,9% of the people here that are in the market for a 4K release will be just fine having only English subtitles.

Paramount are just cheap as hell motherf}}}s, first the BD66, then the skimping on subtitles… even the packaging is a loveless heap of crap. a few postcards and a small poster, come on…

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The BD66 is the big disappointment. The rest is just as expected. We would need a publisher that cared to get anything really good. What are the chances for a better US release?

0? The only hope is outside of Paramount’s license area

Which is only Italy.

or possibly areas where they’re willing to sub license, but no territories come to mind where there’d simultaneously be a capable label and worthwhile market…

Of course. Hadn’t registered at all that the 4K release was released outside of Europe. Well lets see what happens in 5 years time then :slight_smile:

I’ll be sticking with my DVD, which I purchased for £1

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Does anyone own the 2011 AND the 2018 BluRay releases? I have the 2011 one and it has theatrical cut and restored version, do the 2018 re-releases have both, as well? Is it an identical re-issue? Trying to understand the differences…

Edit: I answered my own question. But generally: what can be said about the differences in general, are there any or is it all just packaging that is different? Would also make the listing in the database much easier, we could just say “specs and extras see 2011 edition”

Man this is gonna be tough to review… all the more close up stuff looks fabulous, but stuff that’s further back, oh man, I can see why some folks are freaking out because of how clean it looks, to a point where it looks fake because whereas on film stuff will just become less clear and fuzzy, here they have clear outlines (edge enhancement) or look a bit like lego (too much noise filtered)… I will offer more nuanced review but my very very very first impression is, that unless you have full 4K setup, this disc will not be worth it. And if you have it, and look to close, Paramount’s work here will likely annoy the shit out of you…


Did you take a closer look at the HD Blu-ray in this set? It is just the old disc, identical to the one you want to keep (nothing new to be found, at least not on the disc in my set).

No this isn’t identical to the old disc, it’s the same new restoration found on the UHD, plus two new extras

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I know that’s what it is marketed as. But I received the same old disc in this set. Look at your disc, it looks identical to the one we got in 2011, it even says copyright 2011 on it and I doubt that you will find the new features on it, as did I not find them on mine.

Wow, holy shit, you’re right. Time to return it…

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Ya, we have been scammed.

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