Once Upon a Time in the West / C’era una volta il West (Sergio Leone, 1968)

(chuck connors brother) #341

When 2 hours pass in this movie it feels like less than an hour… it really hypnotizes me and I know some people can’t understand that. And I have to say, the sound effects in this are just stunning, have not seen another movie that uses sound effects so effectively.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #342

[quote=“chuck connors brother, post:341, topic:322”]it really hypnotizes me and I know some people can’t understand that.[/quote]Me too, i know exactly what you mean, it’s too hard to explain. Especially the scene where the camera pans up over the station to see the bustling town… pure cinematic magic.

(El Topo) #343

The film its a masterpiece (like GBU is), and if not the one with the most charismatic SW actors, maybe the one with the best bunch of actor’s in the main and secondary roles.
I think the greatness of the film also comes from the fact of how Leone managed to make such a different work from GBU, still being a Western.

(John Welles) #344

Apocalypse Now and The Conversation both have brilliant use of sound both (by Walter Murch) that rival Once Upon a Time in the West in my opinion. Oh, and welcome to the forum DollarsDollarsBills!

(Stalagmite) #345

I hated this movie when I first watched it. Sort of Django Kill…If you Live Shoot. Just one of those movies that you have to watch several times to grasp the greatness. Now both movies are near the top of my list.
One of the Best Slow Paced and atmospheric movies ever, the score is excellent, the characters all have substance. 5 stars easily.
Anyone else notice how ‘Farewell to Cheyenne’ sounds sort of like the famous Empire ballads from the original Star Wars trilogy? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #346

Yeah I agree this film grows on you when you watch it more often. When I first saw it, I liked it but thought it was a notch below the dollars trilogy, but after seeing it twice more I think it may be my favorite Leone, although I’m too stubborn to usurp my old time favorite FFM.

(ENNIOO) #347

Just viewed the longer length Italian version to this one. Liked the extra shots and extended scenes. Bit unusual seeing the extra shots at first, but soon got into the swing of things. Couple of shots I liked the best:

The camera following the train for longer just before Jill departs the train.

When Robards enters the rest stop place the camera cuts to the faces of more people and their reactions…scared out of their skin.

(pedro james) #348

For me i,m not so sure about the film…I watched it over the christmas period for the second time and found this one quite difficult to follow…Maybe it was just me lacking in a bit of grey matter or possible the houch getting control :slight_smile: Maybe i,ll give it a third try in the future

(Andy) #349

I recently re-watched this on my computer monitor so I could be closer to the screen. It’s amazing how many more visual details you can see when you are close to a decent sized screen or are watching on a large HDTV. Things like slight eye movements can make the actor’s performance even more poignant (especially in the Leone films where extreme close-ups are the norm). On an unrelated note, I recently had a conversation with someone on the chat room program I frequent and I asked if he had ever seen this film. He said he had but he didn’t find anything thought-provoking or meaningful enough for him. He went on to basically dismiss the entire western genre claiming “style over substance” was the weakness. I told him that I wasn’t interested at all in westerns when I was his age until I actually gave them a chance with The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. I guess some people just don’t get what is meaningful and great about films such as Once Upon a Time in the West. Maybe someday he might give it another chance.

(pedro james) #350

As you say people don,t get into westerns until later years or am i jumping the gun on that statement…I suppose there will always be a case of “one mans meat is another mans poison”…Been like it for donkey,s years and always will…good luck

(Andy) #351

I think you’re exactly right.

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Hello everyone,glad to meet you here,hope to know more about you…

(ModernDjango) #353

I cannot get the music from this movie out of my head. This is a good thing.

(sartana1968) #354

i seen this 3 times but the result is always the same sooo boring film
the most boring after valeri’s reason to live a reason to die 1972

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wow a new fans!!! welcome!!!

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also welcome and you!!

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Here is a detailed discussion about this Harmonica-is-a-Ghost theory.:


Maybe some of you are interested to read the whole thread. I’m interested what you guys think about it.

For me some of the uttered ideas are totally ridiculous, and therefore don’t make any sense for me. Well …

(Bill san Antonio) #358

Kinda far fetched theory.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #359

Talk about reading too much into this. Almost as moronic as Alex Cox’s idea that Peter Lee Lawrence was a young LVC in FFDM.

(John Welles) #360

I sometimes wonder if Cox was just taking the piss when he set forward some of his theories in his book.