On the Third Day Arrived the Crow / … e il terzo giorno arrivò il corvo (Gianni Crea, 1973)

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[quote=“El Topo, post:38, topic:1075”]Fuck there are actually two 5 stars UAU[/quote]Some of the polls are still plagued by kind contibutions of one of the loved ex-members.

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Ah Ok not in my time on the forum then. You can’t argue tastes but 5 stars on this one, liking to see these films its one thing, judging it its another

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Those 3 that voted 5 and 4 stars respectively will be shot j/k lol… I agree this is an amazing title for a SW and William Berger is amazing but Lincoln Tate blows the Crow away, who is this fast legendary gunmen and he doesn’t even get his gun out of the holster sweet Jesus talk about the fastest gun in the West guy should give up being a wannabe detective and be a pro gunslinger. I liked the dual role Berger played as the Crow and his brother coming for revenge but Tate being the fastest gun alive or just in this movie well we see what happens to this poor bloke too… Horrible movie with retarded town folk, 5 brothers and their retarded pa. This movie could be awesome if redone with a better script.

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well, what shall I say? I’d better let Bad Lieutenant do the word:


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I thought I had a copy but it turns out I just have Adios Companeros with the same cover. What on earth is going on here?

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[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:28, topic:1075”]Oh, no. It has a wonderful sleeve.
"The deadliest guns in all the west are about to be silenced"
That’s right op your alley!


Did Silence end up getting this one? I bought Adios Companeros thinking it was this movie. If you still have your copy, I wouldn’t mind purchasing it from you.

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Get if for $50 here:

I still have it as well, yes. The film sucks balls, but maybe I’ll put it on a bootleg dvd some time (along with some other piece of crap like A Long Ride to Eden or Kung-Fu Brothers in the Wild West). Besides, I don’t need the money right now.

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$49.99… is that Australian dollars? That would cost over £30 with the postage, I think. Never paid that much for a VHS before. There must be a way to get it cheaper.

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last time I ordered an expensive VHS, I got a ridiculous customs charge and then it wasn’t worth it.

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This movie is not worth even $5, but its rarity determines its price I’m afraid. Isn’t there a torrent of this, or do you need the original?

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I’d like it for my VHS collection but I want a better deal.

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Berger scenes are the highlight for me, I like how some of the shootouts were staged, and nice use of the low piano key… but it does try to fill out the running time with guys just hanging round in the desert doing nothing most of the time, similar to something like Kid Vengeance. Wouldn’t be in my worst though, surprised its not that bad.

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The duel between Berger and Fineschi and the confrontation with Lincoln Tate after the Saloon lights go down are pretty good scenes, both with Rosario Borelli as third party observer.

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Some time ago, I noticed that on the Italian posters appears the name of Giancarlo Fratalocchi, unknown actor listed here and nowhere else (Antonio/Tonino and Giovanni/Gianni are credited as set decorators/production designers on some SWs), and there is no reference to John Turrel.

So the problem we have is that of knowing if Turrel is an alias for Fratalocchi or they are separate performers: can anyone check the original Italian credits? Thanks in advance!

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The credits are the same in both of my versions

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Thanks. So the 7 Gold version is from Italian master, correct?

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Don’t know about Italian masters but it is in Italian and has Italian credits :slight_smile:

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The logical consequence is that almost certainly Giancarlo Fratalocchi adopted the stage name John Turrel, and this poses a number of questions:

Are we sure that Pa Sloane is played by Turrel (on Facebook there’s a Giancarlo Fratalocchi of right age with elements of resemblance to the guy who plays Charlie Sloane)?

Are there reliable pics of Perry Dell, the director of Deep Jaws (1976), and which brother is named Will in On the Third Day?

Lastly, do you remember seeing the hips-wiggling brawler - and Sloane brother - in other SWs?

As I said earlier I like those twenty minutes with William Berger, in all probability directed by Gariazzo.

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Well I’ve never seen closing credits or much research on any Crea so it’s probably up in the air. :laughing: When I first saw this, Sloan reminded me of the drunk in Una colt in mano del diavolo, so first off is it possible these 3 are the same actor? The third from Sei bounty killers per una strage. I don’t see Sloan’s forehead blemish on the others so…