Olympic games 2008 beijing (peking)

(scherpschutter) #1

Still recovering from my operation, I have a lot of time to watch the games

What surprises me most, are the bad results for German swimmers so far
What the hell has gone wrong overthere? I heard some stories about swimsuits made by Adidas, but I guess that’s just a pretext
Or maybe not, I’m not an expert

Holland is doing well in judo so far
I have done a little judo in my youth, so I still know the rules
If you don’t, I think it’s not the most spectacular sport to watch

Belgium is going to qualify for the next round in football (Holland too, maybe): Belgium has a lot of talented young players, so i expect a lot from them in this tournament - and in the future as well
Problem is (for this tournament) that Kompany has gone back to Hamburg, and (for the future) they’re in one qualification group with Spain and Turkey for the World Cup.

(AceHigh) #2

Been trying to watch when I can. Funny how I(and I guess everyone watching) can get into sports I don’t normally care about(as a fan) such as; badminton, sand volleyball, water polo, diving, swimming, etc. But every 4 years I’m a fan of all of these events. Love the summer Olympics, especially track and field. I’ll be totally glued to the set when the running events start.

(ijontichy) #3

I’ve been watching swimming, women’s diving, women’s gymnastics (yes, I’m going to hell). Looking forward to track & field.

(Lode) #4

Definetely the same here. Funny :slight_smile:

(Yodlaf Peterson) #5

So the little girl who sung didn’t really sing because the owner of the voice was thought to be too ugly, half the fireworks were cgi and fake fans were put in the crowds for unpopular events to pad them out to look full.

Makes me wonder if all the events are real!

(Bluntwolf) #6

[quote=“scherpschutter, post:1, topic:1203”]What surprises me most, are the bad results for German swimmers so far
What the hell has gone wrong overthere? I heard some stories about swimsuits made by Adidas, but I guess that’s just a pretext
Or maybe not, I’m not an expert[/quote]

You’re right about the swimmers, they did disappoint. Well, I think it’s not about the swimsuits… Michael Phelps doesn’t have one… Must be something else making him soo fast ???

Don’t get me wrong, I love the games but I hate doping 'cause that along with the money does not only destroy the athletes but the sport itself !!!

(MunchhausenPL) #7
Michael Phelps doesn't have one... Must be something else making him soo fast !???
Mayby doping? For me he is too good to be real, that's all. Long time ago I lost my faith in the professional sport. In place of "Chariots of Fire" we've got "Chariots of Drugs". I'm sure that Chinese sportsmans take undetectable steroids, just like in former times people from CCCP or east side of Deutschland. It's sucks!
What surprises me most, are the bad results for German swimmers so far

Only swimmers? Well, you are lucky. Entire Polish crew hasn’t got any medal so far. Non! Even newspapers in summary of the oplimpic day write “today loosers are…” :confused:

(AceHigh) #8

Does anybody know how deep the pool is that they play water polo in? If its more than say, 6 feet deep, my hats off to those dudes. If I was out there for more than 5 minutes in deep water, to hell with trying to score, I’d just try to keep from drowning! Who came up with that freakin’ sport?! Those guys need floaties or something…

(Søren) #9

Just to keep it spaghetti: Bud Spencer used to compete for Italy in water polo as far as I remember… Now that’s something…

(scherpschutter) #10

He sure did, look at this:

[/URL] [URL=http://imageshack.us]http://imageshack.us [URL=http://imageshack.us][IMG]

On the group photo, he’s the second on the left, standing

(scherpschutter) #11


Here’s a third photo, maybe it’s easier to recognize him on this one

(Phil H) #12

Wonder if any of his opponents ever got punched on top of the head during a match?

(Bluntwolf) #13

Carlo Pedersoli (even won Bronze at the Olympics once) and Mario Girotti both were great Italian swimmers !

(Søren) #14

LOL. If something could get me to watch any Olympics at all that would be it :slight_smile:

And thanks for the photos scherpschutter … !!

(AceHigh) #15

I have a newfound respect for Bud Spencer…

(AceHigh) #16

Finally the track and field has started! All three of the U.S. 100 meter sprinters qualified for the second round. Jamaica qualified two men for the second round.

I look at those Bud Spencer swimming pictures above and then I watch a Trinity movie and I can’t believe he’s the same guy. Hey Bud, can you say ‘Slimfast?’

(Bad Lieutenant) #17

Watched some non football stuff, not really interested though. Seen approx. 2 hours total of the Dutch football team. Not good. Yet I’m looking ofrward to the Argentia game, especially knowing the Dutch need to ‘grow’ in tournaments. If they start performing A+ right away they’re pretty much doomed. In other words, in my view they’ll stand a pretty good chance against the Argentinians. Makaay was pretty much wasted. A real fuck up to let him play knowing he might be injured. Sibon is a great surprise so far.

(scherpschutter) #18

Belgium already made it to the semis

Go Red Devils, go !

A final Belgium - Holland would be great (if a bit of a problem for me: which one of the two will I support?), but I don’t think Holland will beat Argentina (and then Brazil in the semis)

(scherpschutter) #19

I was right (sad, sad) : Argentina - Holland 2-1 after extra time

I can support Belgium unconditionally now

Semi finals: Brazil - Argentina and Belgium - Nigeria

My Final: Argentina - Belgium

(Yodlaf Peterson) #20

or “accidentally” ear clapped during butterfly style!