Olympic games 2008 beijing (peking)

i don’t care about the “genocide” olympics. what gives? nobody ever gives a flying fuck about artistic riding or swimming, but come olympics everyone seems to turn athletics geek… that’s hypocrisy :wink:

at least I know which tv channels to avoid during sporting events

I don’t care about the olympics either.

Only thing i watch is football, England’s premiership started today.

tomorrow Chelsea vs. Potrsmouth, looking forward to it, I expect Pompey to be tough opponents this year.

used to watch American Gladiators, that show with the big-breasted chicks kicking each other with giant q-tips. why is that not an olympmic discipline?

The American already win enough medals

Ussein Bolt of Jamaica is unbelievable.

What you want are more sports involving big-breasted chicks. Who cares what they are doing :slight_smile: