Old 1970's spaghetti western in the Old West

Hi there
Does anyone recall the name of an old 1970’s spaghetti western set in the Old West featuring a Native American who performed martial arts and I recall jumping across roof tops, also I recall one scene where someone is kicked in the chest and his entrails spill out. I’m trying to recall the name so that I might look it up and watch it.
Also another old king fu movie of the 70’s where the star used a technique called iron fist and took his sandals off a lot. I think there is now a RV series/ film which has been remade by Marvel but I don’t know if the earlier version relates to it or not
Many thanx in advance for any replies

Jumping across the roof tops sounds like Sabata but gory kicking more like Fighting fists of Shanghai Joe.

Yeah, pretty sure that would be Shanghai Joe.

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I suspect that your thoughts are a conglomeration of the classic TV series, ‘Kung Fu’, starring the late, great David Carradine, as ‘Kwai Chang Caine’; and, in addition, the Spaghetti Western, ‘Shanghai Joe’.

The ‘Marvel’ character, ‘Iron Fist’, can be found on Wikapidea.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the replies. Neither are Sabata movies the roof top jumping was Kung fu style mixed with badque style. I will take a look a Shanghai Joe, it may be, I see it is in Italian. What I saw when I was young wasn’t a sub titled movie, and was in English, though all these years later I can’t say whether it was dubbed or not

Any offers on the other film guys? Also the Spaghetti Western forum says it’s down for a few days. I’ve never been on it before today so don’t know whether this is a short downtime period or anything long term.


No worries…

I had the same problem, yesterday, and couldn’t get on the forum for most of the day…give it time, and it seems to work itself out.

Is the second film a straight out Kung Fu film or is that a western too?

Cheers. The second one is a straight out king fu movie. I’m watching Shanghai Joe now, about 15 mins in. I don’t think this is the movie in question. I’m going to watch it all this afternoon in any case and I’ll reply about it then.

I think you may find your answers in this film…perhaps it may spark a few memories…

Let’s hope so…

Sorry to say the film in question is definatrly not Shanghai Joe. All I can remember is there is a Native American well built guy who sits on and jumps from roof tops and I think has a knife. There is a Chinese guy and somewhere in the fray there is a gunslinger , that and the scene where someone’s guts fallout is all I can remember. I’m having a midlife crisis nostalgia moment trying to find and watch some of the films of my youth

Bloody Hell! …you’ve even got me wondering which film you are talking about…!!

Alright: ‘Native American’… could it be ‘Navajo Joe’, starring Burt Reynolds?

Alright…‘Tramp666’, has set the folks on ‘SWDB’’ a challenge.

Facts: 1970’s; Martial Arts; Native American; Someone jumps a lot; a knife is included; Chinese Guy; Fray; ‘Iron Fist’…

Surely, on ‘SWDB’ has some solution?

Ok,in which case how about The Stranger and the Gunfighter

I’ll take a look at that, but I don’t think so. Don’t forget Iron Fist is an entirely separate movie.

Pretty sure it’s not the Stranger and the Gunfighter, that’s Lee Van Cleef and I thought I might have renembered that. I think we are looking at a couple of B movies

It’s really annoying I can picture scenes from both movies in my mind. I’ve spent hours on google researching it. It’s now become a Holy Grail like quest


Kung Fu Brothers in the Wild West (1974)?
Dragon Blood (1982)?

Maybe a TV production and not a feature film?

I’m watching Navaho Joe now. Sadly, this isn’t the film either