Old 1970's spaghetti western in the Old West

Could well be the man with a name, but there are no clips of it on Putlocker or You Tube. I’ll have to search for a download link tomorrow, I’m calling it a night now. Many thanx everyone

I’ll throw in my two cent’s… could it be this? La tigre venuta dal fiume Kwai

Here’s a photo of the main character he looks “sort of” Native American (I know I’m reaching a little far here, but considering the circumstances lol).

I also found this site that looks like it has some info on the film. Scherpschutter has been on there (or possibly somebody is posing as him in the comments) He could possibly give you some insight onto the movie.

Wish I could help you out more, I’m actually going to look at some kung fu movies and see if I can’t find any leads.

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I’ll have to look up the titles etc and see if I can find any trailers. I saw the two films in the cinema back in the day,so I’m making the assumption they are movies and not TV series