Obscure westerns not available in english

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Yep I am with you there buddy. Fernando is always good entertainment value.

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Durango is right!!!

I think some of the films might be Action Adventures!


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A German DVD of Romolo Guerrieri’s Sette magnifiche pistole alias 7 Guns for Timothy is now announced for July.

Unfortunately it will be most probably a cheap DVD with only German audio and only a 85 min runtime. The original runtime is probably 102 min.

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well it may be just me, but I don’t think a helicopter belongs in a western…

And I think I saw an old poster with submachineguns…

Still, I’d like to see this someday, just because it has Fernando![/quote]

Seems like an interesting film, but according to some Italian sites and Giusti, it’s not really a western
It’s set in a central-American country and apparently in a much later period than the Zapatas

Here’s a link with some photos, look at the clothes people are wearing:

I’ll translate some texts tomorrow (having not much time today)

By the way: I couldn’t even find an Avi.torrent of this movie

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[quote=“tomobea, post:32, topic:1733”]Hi,

This is a list of some of the Missing Spaghetti Westerns (Don´t know if they
excist in any form) I havn`t found them!

  1. Gringo, Getta Il Fucile! (The Tough One) 1966. J.L.R. Marchent[/quote][quote=“Durango, post:38, topic:1733”]1. Pistola Salvaje (The Tough One) 1966. J.L.R. Marchent

These titles aren’t really westerns, looking at their setting. First one takes place in Guyana, and nrs 6 and 8 are about bandits in Italy (Sicilian or Sardinian mafia) and Spain, respectively. That doesn’t mean they can’t have that typical spaghetti feel, of course.


[quote=“Stanton, post:39, topic:1733”]Are you sure the first one is not a western?
The synopsis I have is very westernish.

But it seems to contain some musical elements. Those Marchent amigos, always doing the extremes.[/quote]

Ohh, here I have some titles mixed up.
It changed from Tom’s Gringo, Getta Il Fucile! (The Tough One) 1966. J.L.R. Marchent to Durango’s 1. Pistola Salvaje (The Tough One) 1966. J.L.R. Marchent . I somehow thought that the 2nd one is Dos pistolas gamelas by his brother Rafael. And my “westernish” comment was about this one.

In fact I should have looked for El aventurero de Guayanas by Joaquin R. Marchent, which indeed is set in Middle America in a later time, and most possibly is a half-western.

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Some members here have a non English copy of 7 Guns for Timothy. Which runtime does it have? And is it the Italian version?

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I have one…according to the custom cover it runs approx 100mins, though, not having watched it yet i couldn’t confirm this. And it’s a Spanish language version…

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My Spanish version runs 85 mins, which seems to confirm the running length of the planned German release. I don’t think anyone has a version in another language.

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so ‘Man who came to kill’ really circulating in english? never seen it anywhere! like to see that one!

Shoot To Kill 1965 is available in english
Long Day Of The Massacre 1968 theres an english u.k. vid of this but its one of the rarest
Ruthless colt of the Gringo uk vid titled ‘Vengeance with a Gun’ never found either :frowning:
is ‘halleluja gang’ they still call me amen available with an english audio??

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Are the titles you mention alternative titles? Don’t recognize them. Welcome to the forum!

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oops my bad:
‘Man who came to kill’ L’uomo dalla pistola d’oro (1966)
Shoot To Kill 1965 Los cuatreros (1965) Ramón Torrado
Long Day Of The Massacre 1968 alberto cordone
Ruthless colt of the Gringo La venganza de Clark Harrison (1966)
they still call me amen, Mamma mia è arrivato così sia (1973) titled ‘halleluja gang’ on the english trailer
thx for the warm welcome amigo!

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Those are rare ones.

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Very rare. Welcome to the forum, Briefcasemong! Some of those rare English dubs are new to me. And what’s more, when veryfying your info, I stumbled upon yet another incredibly rare one!

I’ll die for vengeance (Saguaro) - AVO Film UK VHS.

If only we could get our hands on those. It seems nobody has these British tapes from 1982.

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Yes i forgot about that one! i know someone who saw ‘Long day of of the Massacre’ for sale at £250 and this was a long time ago - must have been very very limited numbers of these, got to be in someones collection somewhere! great site by the way!

theres an english 16mm print of Four bullets for Joe too - so thats another one thats out there but not circulating

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These are all the SW i don`t have with English Audio: (I only have them in Italian, Spanish, Frensh or German Versions.)

  1. Five Dollars For Ringo 1966.
  2. 20.000 Dollars For Seven (Kidnapping) 1968.-English Subs.
  3. 20.000 Dollars For Every Corpse 1970.
  4. Two Sons Of Trinity 1972.
  5. 10 Whites And A Little Indian 1974. - English Subs.
  6. Al Este Del Oeste 1984.
  7. A Man And A Colt 1967. - Eng,Subs
  8. A Rope For A Bastard 1968.
  9. A Woman For Ringo 1966.
  10. Bada Alle Tua Pelle Spirito Santo 1
  11. Ballata Per Un Pistolero 1967.(Pistolero) in English (Wild East)
    12.Fuerta De La Ley 1964.
  12. Black Angel Of The Mississipi 1964.
  13. Blutige Ranche In Tucon 1964.
  14. Buckaroo 1967. - Eng,Subs.
  15. Cavalry Charge 1964.
  16. Ciccio Forgives I Don`t 1968.
  17. Colt In The Hand Of The Devil 1972.
  18. Corete Marziale 1974.
  19. Dallas 1974.
  20. Dead Men Ride 1972 - English Subs.
  21. Death Rides Along
  22. Durango Is Coming, Pay Or Die 1971. - Eng,Subs.
  23. …E Lo Chiamarono Spirito Santo 1971.
  24. El Bandido Malpelo 1971.
  25. El Lobo Negro 1981.
  26. El Zorro Justiciero 1969.
  27. Europa Canta 1966.
  28. Executioner Of God 1973.
  29. Fistful Of Knuckles 1970.
  30. Four Bullets For Joe 1964.
  31. Giarrettiera Colt 1968
  32. Girls Of The Golden Saloon 1975.
  33. Hate Is My God 1969.
  34. Heroes Of The West 1965.
  35. Hey Amigo, A Toast To Your Death 1971. - Eng,Subs.
  36. Il Bello, El Brutto, El Cretino 1967.
  37. In The Name Of The Father 1969.
  38. I Figlio Di Zanna Bianca 1974.
  39. Jaguar - English Subs.
  40. Jim Golden Poker (Dejurado) 1966.-English, Subs.
  41. Johnny Chitarra 1975.
  42. Judge Roy Bean 1971.
  43. Kill Django…KIll First 1971.
  44. La Venganza Del Lobo 1981.
  45. Last Ride To Santa Cruz 1964.
  46. Long Day Of The Massacre 1968. - Eng,Subs.
  47. L`Ostaggio 1975.
  48. Magnificent Brutes Of The West 1964.
  49. Magnificent West 1971.
  50. Massacre At Fort Grant 1965.
  51. Mestizo 1966.
  52. O`Cangaceiro - English Subs.
  53. Oeste Nevada Joe 1964.
  54. Okay Sceriffo 1964.
  55. One Dollar Of Fire 1966.
  56. Paths Of War 1969.
  57. Red Harvest 1978.
  58. Ric And Gain 1967.
  59. Ruthless Colt Of The Gringo 1966.
  60. Saguaro (I`ll Die For Vengeance) 1968. - Eng,Subs
  61. Seven Guns For Timothy 1966. - NOW WITH ENGLISH AUDIO
  62. Sheriff Won`t Shoot 1965. - Eng,Subs.
  63. Shoot To Kill ( Relevo para un pistolero) 1964. / Shoot To Kill (Texas Jim) 1965. - Eng,Audio.
  64. Six Bounty Killers For A Massacre 1973.
  65. Sonora (Sartana Does Not Forgive) - English Subs.
  66. Spirito Santo E Le 5 Magnifiche Canaglie 1972.
  67. Tara Poki 1971.
  68. Terrible Sheriff 1962. - Eng,Subs
  69. Thompson 1.880 1966 - English Subs.
  70. Three Led Dollars 1965.
  71. Tierra Brutal 1961. - Eng,Audio.
  72. Tomb Of The Pistolero 1964.
  73. Twins From Texas 1964.
  74. Two Maffiamen In The Far West 1965.
  75. Two R-R-Ringos From Texas 1967.
  76. Two Sergeants Of General Custer 1965.
  77. Un Dollaro Di Fifa 1960.
  78. Valley Of The Dancing Widows 1975.
  79. Viva Carrancho 1965.
  80. Wanted Sabata 1970. - Eng,Subs
  81. Wrath Of God 1968. - English Subs.
  82. Zanna Bianca Nel West 1977.
  83. Beyond The Frontiers Of Hate 1965.
  84. Heroes Of Fort Worth 1965.
  85. If You Shoot…You Live! 1975.
  86. Fury Of Johnny Kid, The

If someone have any of these SW with English Audio, please let me know!!!


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Tierra Brutal is available with english audio.

English subs available for Hey Amigo, A Toast To Your Death.

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Shoot To Kill is available with English audio.

Sheriff Won’t Shoot is available with English subs.

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There is two films made by Ramòn Torrado called:

  1. Shoot To Kill (Texas Jim) (Cuatreros, Los) 1965. http://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Cuatreros,_Los with English Audio.
  2. Shoot To Kill (Relevo para un pistolero) 1964. http://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Relevo_para_un_pistolero

one with ENGLISH, AUDIO.

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Seven Guns for Timothy is in “10 000 Ways to Die” (along with some really bad flicks).