Obscure westerns not available in english

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I have an English-language Specialists, but it runs for only about 75 minutes and is appalling quality.

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I have a great fandub of Specialists. Excellent quality.

This might have already been mentioned, but I don’t recall ever coming accoss an english version of The Man who shot billy the kid.

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If it’s the Peter Lee Lawrence flick, I’ve got an excellent quality English-dubbed widescreen dvdr of that one.

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I have 2 different ones of the Billy ze Kick. 2 different versions, not too different dubs. Both in 2,35:1.

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You see, that’s also a good reason to start this topic. We don’t even know what’s out in English! ;D

Just think, some poor chap might be working his ass off on a fandub right now, while it’s already been done.

I left out a few German ones on my list, btw. I can easily follow movies in German, but some (most?) of you might not…

Alberto Cardone (1968) The Long Day of the Massacre = Lungo giorno del massacro
Claudio Gora (1969) Hate Is My God = Odio è il mio Dio, L’
Giuseppe Vari (1967) Death Rides Along = Con lui cavalca la morte
Guido Zurli (1966) Thompson 1880
Julio Buchs (1966) Django Does Not Forgive = Mestizo
Tanio Boccia (1968) Saguaro = Sapevano solo uccidere

There are topics on several of these titles. I saw Mestizo this week for the first time, and I liked it a lot. Not a typical spaghetti, but a wilderness western with Indians and mounties.

plus another Italian only version to add:

Adelchi Bianchi (1967) Buckaroo: The Winchester Does Not Forgive

Also, on the topic of westerns never dubbed in English:
Garter Colt is probably one of those.

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I don’t think I magnifici brutos del West was released in English.

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Never come across this one in english yet.

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I downloaded it on Cinemageddon and that version has only Italian audio but I know Cinecity has a Spanish audio version. Still not English though. :frowning:

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[quote=“Durango, post:25, topic:1733”]Also, on the topic of westerns never dubbed in English:
Garter Colt is probably one of those.[/quote]

I was just going to add this…love to get my hands on a copy. Nicoletta! :slight_smile:

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Perhaps this would be good content for the DB

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Thanks for the list Tom! It seems to be pretty much complete. I’ve done a lot of research myself, but none of those I can find in English.

Maybe these three need to be added:

  • Beyond the Frontiers of Hate 1972
  • Assault on Fort Texan (Heroes of Fort Worth) 1965
  • The Sign of the Coyote 1964 (English subs)

As things stand now, the best we can hope for is some more subbed versions.

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This is a list of some of the Missing Spaghetti Westerns (Don´t know if they
excist in any form) I havn`t found them!

  1. Gringo, Getta Il Fucile! (The Tough One) 1966. J.L.R. Marchent - Got this one now!
  2. Adios Cjamango (Los Rebeldes De Arizona) 1970. Josè Maria Zabalza - GOT THIS ONE NOW!
  3. Let`s Go And Kill Sartana 1971. Mario Pinzauti
  4. A Gunman Called Dakota 1972. Mario Sabatini - Got this one now!
  5. Chrysanthemum For A Bunch Of Swine 1968. Sergio Pastore
  6. Hanno Ucciso Un Altro Bandito 1976. Guglielmo Garroni
  7. Blood Church 1985. Tom Vacca (U.S Western filmed in Italy)
  8. Siete Chacales 1974. Josè Luis Madrid
  9. Tomba Per Uno Straniero 1965. Josè Luis Madrid-got this one now

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Thanks for the lists Tom…great information.

(Durango) #34
1. Pistola Salvaje (The Tough One) 1966. J.L.R. Marchent

This one is listed on IMDB as 'El aventurero de Guaynas’

it seems to have a lot of alternative names:


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Thanks for this very useful list, Tom. Great work.

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[quote=“tomobea, post:32, topic:1733”]3. Let`s Go And Kill Sartana 1971. Mario Pinzauti[/quote]holy grail of the spaghetti westerns, I think Naushad (global dvd/southern dvd etc) has english print.

(Stanton) #37

But not a grail I’m searching for.

Some of the films are available in good German versions, so it’s not necessary getting an English one. But there are 4 I have on my search list.


(Durango) #38
  1. Pistola Salvaje (The Tough One) 1966. J.L.R. Marchent
  2. Hanno Ucciso Un Altro Bandito 1976. William Garroni
  3. Siete Chacales 1974. Josè Luis Madrid

These titles aren’t really westerns, looking at their setting. First one takes place in Guyana, and nrs 6 and 8 are about bandits in Italy (Sicilian or Sardinian mafia) and Spain, respectively. That doesn’t mean they can’t have that typical spaghetti feel, of course. And nr 8 does have an interesting cast with Steffen, Garko and Fajardo.

I found the info on nr 6 on this thread here, thanks to our Italian friends over at the Gente di Rispetto forums: http://lnx.gentedirispetto.com/forum/showthread.php?s=89786e6f1e07f9962256b470105c288c&t=14924

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Are you sure the first one is not a western?
The synopsis I have is very westernish.

But it seems to contain some musical elements. Those Marchent amigos, always doing the extremes.

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But it seems to contain some musical elements. Those Marchent amigos, always doing the extremes.

well it may be just me, but I don’t think a helicopter belongs in a western…

And I think I saw an old poster with submachineguns…

Still, I’d like to see this someday, just because it has Fernando!