Ninja films

Richard Harrison says we need a topic about ninja films!

I’ve been watching these flicks regularly lately and they’re craptacular! Especially the ones directed by Godfrey Ho. Anyone else got love for 'em?

Last one viewed:

Bionic Ninja
In this film a CIA agent becomes a ninja just by reading a book about it :smiley:

I got another 4 movie set in today, featuring:

  • The Ninja Squad
  • Golden Ninja Warrior
  • Ninja Terminator
  • Ninja Dragon
    Some braindead crap for the weekend, hehe.

Poor old Richard. He deserved better.
These are the films which convinced him to retire :’(

Franco Nero:

:smiley: ;D

[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:3, topic:2053”]Franco Nero:


holy crap

You guys ought to at least watch that one (Enter the Ninja). Also starring Susan George and Sho Kosugi.

I remember the title… will be watched ;)!

I’ll be sure to try and check it out
Ninja Terminator & Bionic Ninja both sound promising

Really the only ninja movies I remember ever watching were the American Ninja series

True steamy shit! The only Ninja movie I like is Shaolin Challenges Ninja & that’s a HK flick. Oh, I forgot, Beverly Hills Ninja was pretty funny :slight_smile:

Enter The Ninja brings a new level to crap :smiley: …but hey I am a fan of crap :wink: .



I don’t think I’ve watched one since their heyday in the 80’s…might be time for a visitation though.


I always got sucked into these movies as a kid. Even went so far as to make a chinese star in metal shop while in High School. Evan back then these movies sucked.

[quote=“I…I…Idiot, post:13, topic:2053”]Craptabulous!

I always got sucked into these movies as a kid. Even went so far as to make a chinese star in metal shop while in High School. Evan back then these movies sucked.[/quote]

Ha ha ha! Yeah me too…old shingles worked pretty well as “throwing stars” as well. Incredibly dangerous because of their unpredictable flight path but pure fun!


I used to have ENTER THE NINJA on VHS back in the 80’s. Enjoyed it back in the day. Don’t know what I would think of it now, though!
Saw a few of the Godfrey Ho flicks around the same time…and can’t honestly say that I would want to revisit any of those on purpose. ha ha!

I do have a few favorites among the more serious Japanese Ninja films, though, like:

WARRIOR OF THE WIND (Kaze no Bushi) – 1964
BAND OF ASSASSINS (Shinobi no Mono) – film series, starting in 1962
NINJA HUNT (Ninja Gai) --1964 (not the more recent one)
CASTLE OF OWLS (Ninja Hicho Fukuro no Shiro) --1963

But, I have to admit I used to get a big kick out of the trashy Sho Kosugi and Godfrey Ho flicks once upon a time!
REVENGE OF THE NINJA was my favorite Kosugi vehicle.

Ah, the shingle fight. Like the snowball fight with the same predictable ending. Someone gets hit…HARD… apologies…friends make up, only to start the cycle all over again. Those shingles sure did cut through the wind didn’t they?

CC I should check out some of those serious Ninja flicks…for kicks.

Godfrey Ho :smiley: …crapalicious!


I watched Ninja Dragon the other night. Great! The best I’ve seen so far from Godfrey Ho. Plenty of nudity, violence, hilarious dubbing, ass kicking chicks and of course ninja’s. Recommended!


My dad happens to bear a striking resemblance to Sho Kosugi (actually he doesn’t really, but at the time we thought he did). I remember when I was a kid me and my friends would call him “Ninja Dad” as a nickname.

Might make good film series:

[size=6]Ninja Dad![/size]

[size=6]Ninja Dad Strikes Again![/size]

[size=6]Enter The Ninja Dad![/size]