New Forum Layout [Feedback and Questions]

(Sebastian) #145

About to crack the 20% mark. That’s the percentage of dormant accounts I was so far able to “revive” with some persistent emailing efforts. Now we gotta incentivise folks to participate :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #146

So what are everyone’s thoughts about the new Categories view? It was rolled out with the last update of the software.

(Michael Baker) #147

I quite like it. It’s nice to have a breakdown of the categories. I also like the last visit marker on the main forum page when you log in so you can pick up where you left off.

(Asa) #148

Ah, that’s what that was! :smile: I didn’t actually notice it but I must’ve pressed it by accident the other day because, all of a sudden, the page looked different. Better looking , actually, but I didn’t know how I’d done it so I closed everything on my tablet, waved it about a bit as though that might help matters, and then reopened the SWDB.

If I’m being totally honest it feels a little redundant in that it appears to just stir the elements of what’s already on the page anyway. It is a more attractive page though; certainly on my 10.5" tablet.

(Søren) #149

I don’t understand why I am presented with a list of the latest posts taking up half of the screen when I choose Categories. Before as far as I remember and I may be wrong the categories took up all the space which kind of made sense. If I want the latest posts I just access the forum normally so why waste space on them here?

(Sebastian) #150

I dunno, I guess they thought of a “best of both worlds” kind of view that uses available screen space efficiently

(Søren) #151

Yeah probably. Ah, the road to hell is paved :slight_smile:

I use the categories overview when I want to see what is happening in a specific category not for some presentation similar to the one I navigated away from. Probably just my use of the forum that is flawed :grin:

(Sebastian) #152

Well previously everyone complained about how the standard view is no longer a view of all categories. So I see this development as a neat compromise for some :slight_smile:

(JonathanCorbett) #153

Not working link is nothing new, but how is that searching the Forum I don’t find the topic?

(JonathanCorbett) #154

It’s all right, I finally found it under the title Lynching.

(Sebastian) #155

You will only able to find things that are in the forum. So for example if no topic related to that movie ever mentions the word string “carogne”, then looking for that world will not yield anything. But that is just how it is, nothing to do with the forum itself :slight_smile: I think in the medium term of course, the first post in a movie thread could contain a few basic infos on the film, just to facilitate searching/finding.

(Søren) #156

I’ve added the original title to the forum topic. Only having a random English title listed makes no sense.

(Asa) #157

What’s happened to the buttons at the top of the page?


Glad to see I’m not the only one!

(Sebastian) #159

Trying to fix something, will be fixed, promise :slight_smile: They haven’t behaved right on mobile screens so I need to switch out some code so it looks fine no matter what device you use

(Sebastian) #160


(Asa) #161

The “quote reply” thing isn’t working. Well, it’s not so much the “quote reply” button, it’s the ability to highlight a body of text that seems to be playing up (I’m on a tablet, I’m not sure yet if it’s working okay on a laptop/pc).

(Sebastian) #162

Is this the problem you are having:

(Asa) #163

No sir. When I press and hold on a word (which usually highlights the word and brings up the Android copy/paste menu above the word and the SWDB “quote reply” button beneath the word), the word won’t stay highlighted. So the Android copy/paste menu and the SWDB “quote reply” button both appear, but only for a tiny fraction of a second before they vanish again, making quoting impossible. This is only happening on the SWDB. I still haven’t checked if this is an issue on my laptop where I’d be highlighting with a laptop mouse pad rather than on a touchscreen. I’ll check it in a minute and get back to you.

EDIT: Hm. It’s working fine on my laptop. It’s just on my android tablet where it’s not working. It’s only SWDB affected and it’s not working on any browser.

FURTHER EDIT: It’s not working on my wife’s android phone, either. So it’s either an issue with Android devices or touchscreens.

(Sebastian) #164

I will report it, let’s see what they have to say

You can track it here, @last.caress