Need title of old Western Movie - you guys are my last resort :)

I was redirected to this site a few days ago to try my luck at finding a western movie that apparently no one’s ever heard of. You guys are my last resort so to say :slight_smile:
Well, here goes…

My hubby saw a movie in Cuba when he was a child. The movie was made between mid 60s to mid 70s could be older or younger add a year or two :slight_smile: Now he does not know original language as saw it in spanish could be Italian or American or even unknown for that matter.

My hubby though Lee Van Cleef played in it, but not sure, could be someone who looks like him, so pls don’t get your hopes up like I did :slight_smile: Now here’s what happens:

A boy witnesses his family get killed by a lot of bandits. He grows up wanting revenge, now he gets taught the ways of the west by either an old Indian or Mexican(hubby not sure there) and he’s very good. Now he has a pair of Sawed Off Shotguns and he plays the harmonica. Now when badguys hear the harmonica they get scared because they know he’s coming for them - now this guys as far as hubby knows has no family left alive - none - so no evil stepbrother or siblings in the background.

Other people have recommended movies so I’ll make this easy, I’ll tell you which movie it ISN’T:

Nevada Smith
Once upon a time in the West
Jeremiah West

Death Rides a Horse
& Kid Vengeance - have not been watched but people have advised me that they don’t contain all what I’m looking for…

Hubby IS ADAMANT about the Sawed Off Shotguns and the Harmonica. Another person recommended this movie:

Blutsbrüder (1975)

but I’ve never heard of that movie so before go out of my way to find it - can anyone tell me if it is my mysterious movie or if I’m looking for something else…PLS, PLS help! I’ve been searching for this film for 3yrs now and my hubby as already given up hope :slight_smile: Thank you in advance for anyone able to help me…

This may be reduntant but the boy was blonde - and the Lee Van Cleef guy was a bad guy - hopes this helps a little more…

Sounds -a little- like Death Rides a Horse though. My other guess would be: Day of Anger

Ask your husband if the guy in the picture below is the blonde guy he’s referring to.

naw it’s not Death Rides a horse, although similar…

I think I’ve seen the movie she is talking about, the part with the mexican is key. I saw it once on Tele5, but I can’t remember right now what the name was…

OH dear lord!! :slight_smile:

You are the first that even remotely thinks he saw my movie…
Pls let me know when you think of the title, we are willing to go to any lengths for that movie :slight_smile:
And I will be forever grateful…

I will also look into Day of Anger and see if anything clicks with hubby - thx in advance for your help

I was referred to this website by Imdb boarders and I’m really hoping you can help me. I have been searching for this movie for years and I am unable to get anyone to help me out. It is an old Western Movie circa 1960-1970 although could be older or younger not sure on the date. My husband saw this movie as a child in Cuba and the language he saw it in was Spanish. Now the original language could be one of three - Spanish, Italian, or English.

Now here is the plot: Family gets killed by a bunch of bandits bandits everyone dies but the son and he witnesses the whole thing - he’s a young lad with blonde hair(now no idea why family gets killed hubby does not remember) Boy gets taught how to fight by either an old Mexican man or an old Indian - teaches him every thing he needs to know to be a gunslinger - Now fastforward 10-20 years(not sure lol) kid is now a man out for revenge. He sports two sawed off shot guns and is very deadly with them, also plays the harmonica. Bandits start to know him by harmonica and get scared when they hear it. He is cold-blooded and mean. So is the main bad guy obviously :slight_smile:

Now over the years I’ve had several suggestions as to which movie this is. I can tell you so far that I know which movie it isn’t :slight_smile:

  1. Keoma
  2. Nevada Smith
  3. Jeremiah West
  4. Once upon a time in the West

We own all those movies as they were suggested to us and it isn’t any of them. Now someone once suggested ‘Death rides a horse’ but I couldn’t find it so I can’t verify if it’s that one or not. Can you guys throw some suggestions out to me? Perhaps someone saw this a long time ago? Pls help me out this has been driving hubby and I quite bonkers :slight_smile: Thank you in advance,

Hiah Cassi - good luck with this, and i hope that you find your answer here on the forum.
But - as with most requests that come this way, usually memories play some tricks and bits of other films get merged into a hybrid version. I know because it happened to me years ago when I was trying to find Adios Sabata and I was hindered by thinking other bits from other films were in it.
I’ve seen over 200 SWs by now and I recognise some elements that you mention - but not all from the same film.
The death for a slaughtered family start - certainly Death Rides a Horse is a possibility (and worth getting anyway), but also Vengeance Trail has some of the other elements - but it’s not bandits but Indians (or at least bandits dressed as indians) - but no harmonica or shotguns.
A rarer and more likely candidate is Death played the Flute - no harmonica still - but Whistler does play a, well - whistle, in a similar way to Harmonica in OUATITW. there are shotguns as well, but I don’t think 2 at a time.
Many a film have the ‘mentor’ bit, Keoma as you say, but also Clumsy Hands for instance, - but no revenge for a murdered family, and I can’t place all these other elements together.
Vengeance Trail does have the young boy friendly with an Indian mentor, but before his family are killed (and house burnt to the ground), and he is later (much later) brought back to health by a travelling doctor, who enlightens him, but he can already shoot by now, and is a cold-hearted killer of Indians - but not many other similarities besides this.
Others on the forum may have other ideas and I may be missing something obvious (highly likely) - but I still think that no matter how perfect your husband may be :wink: - his childhood memory may be less than fallible :P.
Get him to pin down one definate - a ‘nailed-on’ certainty - (with me it was the galleon on the mantlepiece that shot people when they opened the drawer underneath - for Adios Sabata) - and start from there, if you can’t find everything in the one film.
Good luck - may the good Lord help you in this highly important quest.

I understand you are looking for a movie, but why the same topic twice?,692.0.html

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the sawed off shotguns really narrow it down… but I have no idea

[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:7, topic:618”]I understand you are looking for a movie, but why the same topic twice?,692.0.html

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Havin’ read the other thread and DRAH out of the equation - blonde kid, LVC as a baddie, murdered family (don’t know about the rest 'cos I aint plucked up the courage to watch this) - could it be … Kid Vengeance :stuck_out_tongue: …?

elven_prophecy, have you checked “Blutsbrüder”? I haven’t seen that one, but it has got character called ‘Harmonika’ and indians at least according to imdb.

Wow, it seems like all these elements are inm different films. I was at first thinking Seven dollars to Kill or Django the Last Killer, but I’m sure I’m wrong.

Sawed off shot guns and a harmonica…This sounds easy but it ain’t.

I hope you find what you’re looking for, sorry I couldn’t help more.

Hello guys,
well, I spoke to my husband today and tried to get more accurate info and this is what he told me(apart from telling me to drop it lol). For sure he remembers the boy is blonde and he does have sawed off shot guns that he wears at his hip like pistols. And he plays the harmonica that is for sure. He does not remember who the actors are(although for years he told me it was Lee Van Cleef the bad guy - not so sure now a days), he knows it’s about revenge and he mentioned it was the boy’s parents that were killed(not sure about that either any more) - he is sure the guy is a very sharp shooter rarely misses.

Now to make this easier, any movies you guys can come up with that have a harmonica, sawed off shot guns and are about revenge I am willing to look into. Hubby just wants me to drop this, but I am persistent :slight_smile: Even if I have to watch every western ever made :slight_smile: Pls help me out guys and narrow it down for me, thx

I would also say, that in your case there is a great probability, that parts of different films were mixed up in memory to create the idea of a non existing film.

What, if it wasn’t a spaghetti western, friends?

Its possible!

But it sure sounds like a SW!

Hello guys,
Well I will be honest, I don’t even know what a spaghetti western is so I don’t know the difference…Is there other kinds of westerns I should be looking at(I do like westerns though they have more to offer of my favourite gendre of movie than most styles :slight_smile: Revenge! grin)? Anywhere else I can go scope around? I am fairly uninformed with regards the different types of westerns and I thought they were all the same to be honest…(pls don’t hurt me lol I mean no offense) I am willing to try anything you guys throw at me to be honest,

It feels a bit like it because there is not so much indians in the most spaghs.

I’m trying to find this film but it could be pretty much any Western or Spagh. There are lots of American Low Budget Westerns and this is propably either one of them or a little known Euro Western (I don’t think I have to explain what that is).

Ok guys, I’m new here but I am also looking for the name of this movie. I remember the same elements Cassi described with the shot guns and the harmonicas. Anyone else out there think we can finally figure out the name of it?

Thanks in advance,


Yeah, I´m looking for this movie too