Need Help. Trying to verify if 2 of my Wild East titles are legit or bootlegs

I’m an avid movie collector, and I have been for many years. If anyone is interested, I have a YouTube channel called Todd E Walnuts, and I show off my collection. That’s not the reason I am starting this topic, however. I am a newbie here, in fact I created this account 5 mins ago. Let’s get to the question. Does anybody out there have a legit copy of Wild East’s Matalo! or Boot Hill? I would like to compare notes with you to determine if mine is the real McCoy, or a fugazzi. Also, does anybody have a legit copy of A Fistful of Trailers for sale?

Don’t think I can help…but with a YouTube called ‘Todd E. Walnutts’, you can’t go wrong…

I have a WE Matalo!, but I’m not at my own place at this moment, so I’ll have to check things tomorrow.
What makes you think or fear that your copy is a bootleg?

For Matalo, it came sealed and even had the Wild East sticker across the top. I paid a hefty price for it. Everything looks completely legit, but there is no WE spine number on the lower corner of the spine.

It seems to be working so far :slight_smile:

I’m very glad it is…good luck to you!!

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Thank you

My Matalo says WE017 on the bottom of the spine. Wild East might have done several printings of course with differences to the cover. The cover comes in a clear dvd case with printing on the reverse of the cover also by the way.

Also got Boot Hill if you need to verify anything regarding that.

Keep trying…and never give up…especially if it is what you really want…

Keep seeking, until you get the answers…

that’s all the advice…

Keep looking.

Thank you for that. For Boot Hill, on the disc art, does it continue on to the inner circle of the DVD, near where the spindle would be?

That is sound advice.

Did Matalo come with an insert, or the ads on the reverse of the cover?

Yes the art continues on onto the inner circle as well.

Thanks again for that. I believe the Boot Hill is authentic. Still baffled about the lack of spine number on Matalo.
I really appreciate the info, sir.

No insert. The inner cover contains covers for all the previous Wild East releases to the left and the right displays one of the male characters (forgot his name) in the movie.

Best…Keep looking, ignore the advice of others, and just go with what is not only in your heart, but what is also in your soul.

The Matalo I have has an insert. No inner cover ads for the previous releases. I wish I could share a picture of it.

There’s a lot of Wild East bootlegs from Australia.

Did you happen to see the Matalo edition I showed on YouTube? I seem to remember you commenting on a video or two.

Looks like a bootleg to me since there should be a spine number. Here’s mine: