Need Help. Trying to verify if 2 of my Wild East titles are legit or bootlegs

(Søren) #21

Did yours come with an insert?

(The Man With a Name) #22

Nope, no insert. I think the only ones I have with inserts are Johnny Yuma and Day of Anger.

(Søren) #23

Boot Hill, Eugenie de Sade and The Violent Professionals also have inserts. My copy of For a Few Previews More is shrinkwrapped but I gather that’s got an inlay too and I’m pretty sure A Fistful of Trailers also had it. So every release from WE001-WE007 had them it seems (please correct me if wrong).

My copy of Kill and Pray by the way is missing the Wild East logo on the spine!?

(Bill san Antonio) #24

Mine too and Payment in Blood/Red Blood is missing the Double feature text on spine.

(Søren) #25

[quote=“Bill_san_Antonio, post:24, topic:4273”]Payment in Blood/Red Blood is missing the Double feature text on spine.
Yep, same here :slight_smile:

(The Man With a Name) #26

Why not contact Ally and ask her about it?

(The Man With a Name) #27

Mine too! Is that the case with all the copies then?

(Sebastian) #28

Him :wink:

(The Man With a Name) #29

Oops! :laughing:

(Todd WS) #30

My Kill and Pray has the official WE logo on the spine. Sounds like you are in the same boat as I am then…

(Søren) #31

No not necessarily. Wild East might have reprinted the cover when they noticed the error. A cover with errors does not mean that it is not genuine. The only thing to do would be to, as suggested above, contact Wild East themselves and hear if they can tell the history of these releases.

(The Man With a Name) #32

Yeah, that does make sense. If someone wanted to pass them off as legit releases, they’d most likely put the official logo unless they just really wanted to test buyers.

(Toscano) #33

I’m probably missing the point here…but…

If a disc is a boot-leg, doesn’t that, usually, mean that someone has copied it on to a recordable disc, which usually has a purplish colour to the surface? In other words, a recordable disc is a diff. colour to a legit disc.
What colour is the disc, in question?

(Søren) #34

I was thinking the same thing. Unless we are talking big-scale bootleggers that press their discs it should be easily confirmed.

(Bad Lieutenant) #35

The Australian ‘Wild East’ discs have a parental warning on them.

I also have a Thai dvd of If You Meet Sartana, which copied the WE artwork pretty much verbatim, but it comes in cardboard.


What’s the quality like?

(Bad Lieutenant) #37

The thing is, these releases are not copyrighted in the US. Technically, a copy of a WE release would be a bootleg of a bootleg.

(Bad Lieutenant) #38

Crap. Luckily I found the WE a couple of months ago for €5

(Søren) #39

No these Wild East-releases are grey market releases at best :slight_smile:

Still if somebody purposely replicates the whole release: cover, disc etc. it is more like a counterfeit product. The original is made with love the other with deceit :slight_smile: