Navajo Joe (MGM Region 1) soon

can’t believe this didn’t get its own topic yet.

all we know is already in the database. let’s hope its anamorphic widescreen, acceptable quality, uncut and with a trailer. that’s all i’m asking for!

I expect a Sabata like release. Widescreen, loads of subtitles and no extra’s. Let’s hope there will be no cuts.

thinking about how they screwed up the UK God’s Gun release… hm…

Well if say it ends up being cut, the Japanese disc will just get more expensive…an original Stingray issue just sold for £41 U.K pounds on E Bay.

Yes, there’s probably a 99.9% chance that that’s what it will amount to.

Virtual none of the new dvd-releases get’s their own thread. We have the fine DVD news topic-thread for that :slight_smile:

yeah but this release is so highly anticipated :wink:

Nah, not by us with the Japanese release resting on our shelves :slight_smile:

It would be nice with a anamorphic version though.

Oh for sure ;D.

I hate you all :wink:

I noticed on Amazon they list the Aspect Ratio for this release as 1.33:1.
I hope that’s not right.

I don’t trust MGM either. They cut a Linda Veras tub scene from Sabata and we all know what they did with the ending to A Minute To Pray A Second To Die…

Maybe they will come through, though.

well they usually post 1.33:1 also if it’s non-anamorphic/letterbox. or it is like the other recent MGM ones full screen on one, widescreen on the other side

I didn’t know that.

“We” don’t know anything about Sabata being cut… please tell more. A Minute to Pray isn’t actually cut, it’s just official shorter version.

Saw a still from the cut scene, Linda Veras in a tub with only the bubbles to conceal her “assets”.

I hate it when they cut out the ladies. especially since all these movies are from the 60s and 70s in the first place, i wanna see the ladies

The specs for this disc at CD Universe indicate that they are under the impression that it will indeed be one of those generic MGM flipper discs that feature both a pan ‘n’ scan version and a widescreen version.

It’s a real shame that they couldn’t have done a featurette/interview with Burt Reynolds. I don’t think he’s particularly fond of the film but I’m sure he would have been up for a short interview.

well as long as there is a widescreen version, and hopefully uncut, i’ll be buying it nonetheless. a) to show them there’s people who’ll buy it, b) because it’s cheaper than importing the japanese one

I’ll second that. When a major company releases a pretty obscure SW, they need to be encouraged by good sales to continue to do so.

price on has already gone up, a sign for quite a few pre-orders and a high click rate, I would say