My SW Collection

Listed here is my collection of SW on DVD or CDR-DiVX.

$10000 Blood Money
32 Caliber Killer
7 Dollars To Kill
A Bullet For Sandoval
A Bullet for the General
A Fistful Of Dollars
A Fistful Of Dollars SE
A Fistful of Dynamite
A Fistful of Dynamite SE
A Fistful of Trailers
A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe
A Gun for One Hundred Graves
A Man Called Apocalypse Joe
A Man Called Sledge
A Minute To Pray A Second To Die
A Pistol for Ringo
A Stranger in Town
Ace High
Acquasanta Joe
Adios Sabata
And For a Roof a Sky Full of Stars
Any Gun Can Play
Bad Man’s River
Ben and Charlie
Between God, The Devil and A Winchester
Beyond The Law
Black Killer
Blood At Sundown
Blood Money
Boot Hill
Captain Apache
Cry of Death
Cut Throats Nine
Day Of Anger
Death Rides A Horse
Death Sentence
Dig Your Grave Friend… Sabata’s Coming
Django Against Sartana
Django Kill
Django Strikes Again
Django The Last Killer
El Rojo
El Tunco Maclovio
Face To Face
Fast Hand is Still My Name
Find A Place To Die
Five Man Army
For A Few Dollars More
For A Few Dollars More SE
For A Few Previews More
Forgotten Pistolero
Four of the Apocalypse
God’s Gun
Gunfight At Redsands
Hallelujah For Django
Have a Good Funeral, My Friend… Sartana Will Pay
I Am Sartana,Your Angel Of Death
If You Meet Sartana,Pray For Your Death…
It Can Be Done Amigo
Johnny Oro
Johnny Yuma
Kill Him!
Light The Fuse…Sartana Is Coming
Long Days Of Vengance
Man: His Pride and His Vengeance
Mannaja: A Man Called Blade
Massacare At Grand Canyon
Minnesota Clay
Navajo Joe
No Graves On Boot Hill
No Room To Die
Once Upon A Time In The West SE (UK R2)
Once Upon A Time In The West SE (USA R1)
Pancho Villa
Red Sun
Return of Sabata
Ringo; Face of Revenge
Ringo’s Big Night
Roy Colt and Winchester Jack
Run Man Run
Run Man Run…Sartana’s In Town
Sartana In The Valley Of Death
Sartana Kills Them All
Sartana’s Here…Trade Your Pistol For A Coffin
Seven Guns for the MacGregors
Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead
Some Dollars For Django
Texas, Adios
The Big Gundown
The Big Gundown (restored)
The Drifting Avenger
The Good The Bad And The Ugly
The Good The Bad And The Ugly SE
The Grand Duel
The Great Silence
The Hills Run Red
The Man From Nowhere
The Mercenary
The Price of Power
The Proud and the Damned
The Return of Ringo
The Stranger Returns
The Strangers Gundown
They Call Him Cemetery
They Call Me Trinity
To Kill A Jackel
Today We Kill…Tomorrow We Die!
Trinity Is Still My Name
Vengeance Is Mine
Vengence Trail
Viva Django
Viva Leone!

Just for your interest! What do you think? ;D

Any one else want to post their collection?

Hehe. I think I am too lazy. But there is a list of DVDs I own on the database page:

I also own some tv recordings on burned DVD. That’s it.

Here’s my Spaghetti Western Collection (DVD-, VHS-, TV-Versions) :

Beyond the law
Ballad of a gunfighter
The ugly ones
The good, the bad , and the ugly
Ride and kill
Once upon a time in the west
Massacre time / The brute and the beast
Trinita is still my name
The hellbenders
God forgives … I don’t
Django strikes again
Return of Sabata
Five men army
Duck you sucker ! / A fistful of dynamite
A fistful of death
The specialist
The big showdown
The great silence
The bounty killers
They call me Trinity
I want him dead
Deadly trackers
Long days of vengeance
Mannaja / Man called blade
Massacre at Grand Canyon
The mercenary
A minute to pray, a second to die
My name is Nobody
The moment to kill
Don’t wait Django … shoot !
Light the fuse … Sartana’s coming
Fort Yuma gold
For a few dollars more
For a fistful of dollars
Man of the east
Price of power
A reason to live … a reason to die
Duel in the eclipse
The return of Clint the stranger
Dig your grave friend, … Sabata’s coming
The tall women
I’m Sartana your angel of death
Red sun
Texas, adios !
Rattler Kid
Man : his pride and his vengeance
If you meet Sartana … pray for your death
Vengeance trail
Ringo returns
Zanna Bianca e il cacciatore e solitario
Face to face
Johnny Hamlet
Fists of Shanhai Joe
Trinity & Sartana are coming
Have a good funeral, my friend
The greatest robbery in the west
Django kill !
Any gun can play
Johnny Yuma
Django the bastard
My name is Pecos
Ace high !
Days of violence
Matalo !
Four (gunmen) of the apocalypse
A stranger in town
Navajo Joe
The big gundown
Long ride from hell
For 100.000 dollars per kill
Dead men ride
Sonny & Jed
Go away ! Trinity has arrived in Eldorado
Wanted !
Sartana kills them all
A bullet for the general
Run, man, run
Full house for the devil / To hell and back
The Tramplers
One thousand dollars on the black
10.000 dollars blood money
I am Sartana, trade your guns for a coffin / A fistful of death
Wrath of God
Today it’s me … tomorrow you !
Sugar Colt
You’re jinxed friend, you just met Sacramento
Killer Caliber .32
The stranger and the gunfighter
Nevada Clint
Cemetary without crosses
Train for Durango
Forgotten pistolero
Return of Halleluja
You die … I live
Death rides a horse
One silver dollar
Day of anger
Prepare the coffin
Shoot the living … pray for the dead
Sting of the west
Adios Gringo
Three silver dollars
Kill or die / Kill or be killed
The price of death
Death sentence
Five giants from Texas
Payment in blood
Boot Hill
Man who cried revenge
Few dollars for Django
Silver saddle
And God said to Cain
Minnesota Clay
Ringo and his golden pistol
Seven dollars on red
Black Killer
Black Jack
W Django / Man called Django
They call him cemetery
Holy water Joe
In a colt’s shadow
Django & Sartana are coming … it’s the end
Coffin for the Sheriff
Django kills softly
A bounty hunter at Trinity
Il ritorno di Shanghai Joe
Trinity sees red / Revenge of Trinity
Man called Amen
Ten white victims of the little indian
Django shoots first
On the third day arrived the Crow
Drummer of vengeance
Reach you bastard / Django story
Gunfight at Red Sands
Last gun / Killer’s Canyon
Dynamite Joe
Find a place to die
Jonathan of the bears
Killer Kid / Chamaco
No room to die
Fasthand is still my name
Born to kill
Hate thy neighbor
The ruthless four
Shadow of Sartana … shadow of your death
For 1000 $ per day
Mutiny at Fort Sharp
Showdown for a Badman
A pistol for a hundred coffins
Pistol for Ringo
Reverend Colt
Sartana in the valley of death
If you want to live … shoot !
Adios hombre
A man called Sledge
Shoot, Gringo … shoot !
Stranger say your prayers
Raise your hands, dead man … you’re under arrest
A hero called Allegria
Tepepa / Blood and guns
Heads you die … tails I kill you
Tex and the Lord of the Deep
3 graves for a Winchester
Apocalypse Joe
Alive or preferably dead
Wanted Johnny Texas
Django, last killer

This is my Collection until now !!! A few really interesting titles are still missing !!! I’m hunting them down !!!

Jesus Christ, now I know where my wet dreams come from… ;D

Bluntwolf how long did It take you to collect all of those?

I’ve recently added the following movies to my collection :

Let them rest / Kill and pray
Cut throats nine
Garringo / The dead are countless
Two sides of the dollar
Bullet for Sandoval / Vengeance is mine
Twice a Judas
Chuck Moll / The unholy four
The magnificent Texan
The beast
Mallory must die
Even Django has his price
One against one … no mercy
Shalt not kill
Ben & Charly

Well, it took me quite some time (years) to collect. Some titles were really hard to get !!!

I’m still hunting down a number of flics !!!

let me just quickly state that I officially do not endorse trading of burned/ripped films if the same films are available on affordable dvds!

Yeah better than paying 20 bucks or 5 bucks on ebay

I’ve added the following movies to my collection :

Quanto costa morire / Cost of dying
Sartana does not forgive
His name was King
The man from nowhere
Buddy goes west
Little Rita of the west
Anything for a friend
2 RRRingos from Texas
Sei bounty killers per una strage (Zahl und stirb)
The dirty outlaws

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Most of my collection:

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I see you have lot’s of Franco Cleefs excellent projects.

[quote=“Bluntwolf, post:10, topic:268”]I’ve added the following movies to my collection :

Tomas Milian is my second favourite actor of all time (after Clint).
Do you know where i can get O’Cangacerio with English language or subtitles?

Bill San Antonio, you have a really nice collection there !!!

Yodlaf, I’m sorry I don’t know where to get a version with english language or subtitles. I own an old German vhs-version. Since you’re such a big Milian fan you should really try to get one you can understand. The movie is alright but Tomas is as brilliant as he usually is.

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yes, he made amazing job with The Big Gundown. I was one of the few lucky ones to get his TBG dvd-r with booklet.

Hehe, then you just have to tell us how these turkish westerns are like when you’ve watched them :wink:

How many did you get hold of, and where did you find them?

What music by Morricone do they use, besides Big Gundown?

How are the prints of these films, nice and clean or really worn?
(I would suspect they’re pretty worn, not exactly restored version :wink: )

Holy Crap! Wish I had your collection.


An impressive collection you have there!

Btw, what are your 20 favourite sw-films? I don’t think you’ve posted that.