My Name Is Nobody / Il mio nome è Nessuno (Tonino Valerii, Sergio Leone, 1973)

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Here is another thread for the ongoing discussion who did what in Nobody:,3806.0.html

(Maybe in fact Nobody directed My Name Is Nobody)

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I watched first blu-ray on my new player and FullHD tv and what a better film to choose than MNIN. I bought the german bd, it was just 8€ on Film looked awesome, only short part after Nobody’s fairy tale has a worn out look but that scene has always looked like that in all the versions I’ve seen. There’s a many scenes in Nobody where there’s a lot of depth in the picture, wide landscapes, big views through windows and such but on the dvd versions they were often blurry. Same thing with all the details, even though I’ve seen this film for dozens of times I could now spot thing I had not seen before.

Oddly, the english dub was a bit different than I’m used to. When Red dies he said “screw yourself” instead of “fuck yourself” and the fart sound was missing from the urinal scene. Is this an alternative dub or (please no) did they change the dub for the Blu-ray?

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Thats annoying if they did change it .

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It was that way on the old German DVD as well. The farts sounds are on the other soundtracks if I remember correctly so I don’t think the DVD/BR companies edited it. Or would one fuck on the English dub make the age rating higher in Germany? What about farts? :smiley:

But it is weird that there even is a another version of the dub with so few changes.

The French Blu-Ray has the farts and fuck. ::slight_smile:

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No fuck, no fart, no deal

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The French Blu-Ray has the farts and fuck

So was it confirmed that the French BD has better print quality than the German BD? There were some posts on the general Blu-ray thread suggesting this.

If the the French BD also has the correct English audio then it seems like the better option, although those forced subs are really annoying.

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Yeah, forced subs are a no-go for me if I’m not reading them. Major distraction from the picture if unneeded. Although you could copy of the disc and burn a copy without subs

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Does anyone know what publication this photo is from:

The website where I found it does not list a source:

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At least just another image which shows Leone doing something which bears a suspicious resemblance to directing …

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Agreed :grinning:

However, I would love to know where this image has been published? Anyone have any ideas… ?

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It was already uploaded by Reza on this board:

Maybe he knows?

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Bump :grinning:

Any ideas?

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A member over at kindly informed me it can be found at the 2:54 mark here:


Finally watched the Nobody is Perfect documentary on the German blu-ray, and it’s pretty good. I wasn’t expecting the interview with Terence Hill either, especially him doing it in English.

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The French Blu-ray has a documentary “Nobody… is Perfect” which is not the same documentary (those three dots make all the difference!). I actually prefer the French one since it has interviews with so many of the crew and actors.

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I don’t like that German docu very much. It is much too much preoccupied with letting the film be shown in a pretty bad light. It gives one the impression that MNiN is a weak effort.
Of course I don’t like it the other way round either, when films, even mediocre films, are only praised as if they are the greatest masterpiece in the milky way, which is like it is often in the bonus sections of the discs, but MNiN could need some well founded praise, and not this kind of bashing. I assume Alex Cox’s audio commentary dies the same counterproductive thing for Il mercenario.

Btw the above photo shows again Leone as director, not as mere producer…


The only aspect I remember him praising was the shots of the blue skies.

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Ha, ha, more than expected …