Movies4Men (UK)

Hello !

This UK channel is playing a lot of those films since i discovered it months ago.

Recently they have been showing films like Day Of Anger, A Man Called Django (does anyone knows where i can find this one BTW, i can’t find it :/), Rattler Kid, Colt In The Hand Of The Devil, The Great Silence, Santana Kills Them All, A Stranger In Paso Bravo, Buffalo Bill: Hero Of The West, Bandidos, and many many many others…

Some are good however :slight_smile:

Movies4Men is not playing this genre all the time through, i also seen other stuff, mostly John Wayne films, sometimes things produced by RKO Radio Pictures (The Big Sky, Return Of The Bad Men, The First Rebel, etc…), sometimes movies from MGM’s library (Fort Yuma, Gun Duel In Durango, War Paint, etc…), films from Columbia’s library (The Texas Rangers [Not on DVD ?], Ten Wanted Men, Ambush In Tomahawk Gap, etc…) and even Universal things (The Cimmaron Kid, etc…).

What do you think of this channel ?


I watched the Japanese blu ray of A Man Called Django/Viva Django last night. An excellent quality, pristine print but no English dub or subs (except for the English language trailer). Fun to watch in Italian though.!/BluRay

They do show some rare interesting titles, but unfortunately the majority of SWs shown are heavily cut.
Only a few of the titles listed that are shown after 9 pm are spared the scissors - Also the picture resolution on many of the broadcasts is sub VHS … check out ‘Five for Hell’ (1969)
I think the channel just exists to sell advertising space … there’s no sense of love for the material that’s being screened, unlike ‘Talking Pictures TV’ which is run by fans and specialises in old British movies, rare and ‘B’ movie material.

A great little channel if this stuff is your cup of tea :smiley:

Movies4Men doesn’t often broadcast that kind of stuff, they also air some Syfy stuff, as well as straight-to-video films with Steven Seagal and Van-Damme, usually from Sony’s library as they were produced by Destination Films, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment or Stage 6 Films (BTW i LOOOVE the current logo from the latter company, it have a nice jingle and animation :

The last time i watched Five For Hell the picture wasn’t so bad.

Thanks for the DVD !

Compared to the Koch Media DVD it’s pretty bad. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still better to have something than nothing - as most of the Freeview channels in the UK are endless repeats of quiz shows, cooking programmes and the usual assorted crap.
Worst thing about TV today is the amount of advert breaks and their length - in the UK the rules were ads no longer than 3 mins, 3 times per hour … now adverts play 6 and 7 minutes … and sometimes these are just trailers for future shows.

Also in an age were technology is giving us HD and 4K Ultra HD most of the channels picture resolution looks much worse than it did in analogue times.

I can get the 5 main HD channels with a Freeview box … and watching that compared to standard def is like having cataracts removed.

Just wish we had more HD channels showing a better variety of vintage and cult movies, and one which didn’t edit all their films. I mean what’s the point in showing ‘A Bullet for the General’ or ‘The Great Silence’ at 9 in the morning and cutting out all the violent scenes !? :confused:

Day Of Anger is airing at 9:00 PM tonight, do you know if they are going to censor it ? At night, i assume no.

They don’t censor after 9 PM, but with ‘Day of Anger’ they show the short version.


‘Talking Pictures TV’ is the only thing I miss since dumping the TV.

Oh :frowning: My favorite UK channels to be honest are True Movies and Sony Movie Channel, because they play some good stuff from time to time.

A Man Called Django aka Viva Django or W! Django is included in The Django Collection (Volume 1). It is available from both Amazon and eBay.

Thanks… But did A Stranger In Paso Bravo is censored on M4M ?

I’m a fan of M4M - after recently rediscovering it I recorded a load of SW on to the sky box. As mentioned above pretty much everything is shown with cuts but having a decent film to watch on free TV is so rare you have to applaud them.
The best film I’ve seen on there was Captain Apache a few years back, a classic. Of the recent showings A Man Called Django was surprisingly enjoyable.

’Ben and Charlie’ is getting it’s movies4men premier on Wednesday 18th July at 10.55 am

Hoping there’s no cuts to this broadcast - can’t remember anything too strong in the film that would warrant censorship ?

Does anybody knows if this one got a DVD release even through it’s not Italian ?

I have a two recordings of this one BTW, one from M4M UK and also a capture from a US OTA channel called GetTV which is also owned by Sony.

Next week there will be some SW on M4M :slight_smile: Today it’s John Wayne day and tommorow it’s WW2-themed films but next Sunday there will be the following :

A Bullet For Sandoval at 6:00 AM
The Relentless Four at 11:50 AM (have MGM HD USA recording BTW)
Texas Adios at 1:40 PM
Bandidos at 7:00 PM
Day of Anger at 11:05 PM (hopefully it will not be censored ?)
A Man Called Sledge at 12:50 AM (hopefully it will not be censored as well ?)

His Name Was King is airing tommorow.

Wow, I’m really surprised this channel is airing so many spaggies… wonder where they get all the prints?

I’ve heard that movies4men is a Sony owned channel … most the output is straight to vid horribleness, but as previous posts mention, they cut a lot of prints.

Maybe ‘Starblack’ will show … while we’re dreaming of lost spag treasure :smile:

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