Movies4Men (UK)

(Gordon Quid) #21

Bandidos next wednesday.

(Phil H) #22

I wonder about this too as I have seen a couple recently which look suspiciously like fandubs to me. Amazon Prime the same. Anything they have which has Wu Tang Collection listed as the studio looks to me like something of dubious source. I could be wrong and am happy to be proven so but I have a strong suspicion that someone has sold them a bunch of stuff dirt cheap that has no provenance at all and is based on the principle that no one really cares so they won’t get called out.


Interesting … I had noticed that ‘Killer Caliber .32’ has the same echo on the audio as the WE release … which wasn’t so great. But I doubt they’re fandubs, as most of the audio and prints are first rate, even if they’re broadcast at low-ish quality.

They do still occasionally show the old copy of the original ‘Django’ which looks worse than VHS. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Some of the low budget (and more respectable) releases, also get screened on Sony movie channel … so there must be some connection to Columbia Pictures.

(autephex) #24

I do wonder about all the titles on Amazon Prime though. I noticed that they have a ton of spaghetti on there, even pretty rare stuff… and as I understand it, basically anyone can add a digital film to the service and earn money from views, so long as they have the right to do so… but like Phil says, who is going to call them out for these obscure spag titles. Pretty sure these are not put on Amazon by anyone legit… except for maybe some of the Arrow stuff - seems that Arrow and other similar companies do put their HD titles up sometimes

(Phil H) #25

Some are better than others. Picture quality is usually high but audio? I have seen a few where the audio just drops out altogether and others (on Amazon) where it drops into Italian or Spanish and then out again.


Sorry @Phil_H , I was thinking of movies4men, rather than amazon. I haven’t seen any of amazon’s SW content. Perhaps they’re chancing it, and claiming public domain rites ?

The recent ‘Sartana’s Here’ broadcast looked identical to the Arrow BD, with pristine print, English credits, except not in HD of course.

(Gordon Quid) #27

Something I know is that a few of the War movies they air are from Multicom Entertainment Group…

(Phil H) #28

I watched A Colt in the Hand of the Devil last month which I had recorded from M4M last year and that had complete drop outs of audio on a few occasions. Picture quality was pretty good though. Not what you would expect from a legit source I don’t think.

But as I say, I’d be happy to be proven wrong.


I remember, it has a couple of sequences with just sound effects, but no English dialogue. All quite brief though.
Noticed that most of the SW output from m4m are Italian prints, so the station just add a subtitle with the English name.
It’s not ideal, but when it’s such rare stuff, I’m still very happy to see them turn up. Years ago who would have expected to see Giuliano Gemma or George Hilton movies show up on British telly ?

(Gordon Quid) #30 Recognize the films in this promo?


This one gets it’s UK TV Premiere tomorrow

This is the third movie in the Sartana series to be screened recently … should be interesting to see if the print source is the same as the Arrow Films releases. Scratches and all …. so far the prints have been excellent, albeit in ‘Standard Def’

The running time here refers to the first part, which is interrupted with some mini doc stuff called Soccer Bites … rest of the film plays after this interruption (not a football fan :roll_eyes:)


Wonder if they’ll take their scissors to it?

(Gordon Quid) #33

Hope no.

FYI, Django and The Big Gundown are airing on the US Sony Movie Channel all this month.


I can’t think of anything too graphic or controversial that would warrant edits ?

They have certainly butchered a few SWs, and yet some quite strong violence in ‘Bandidos’ remains untouched … and it’s screened in the afternoons. Who knows what their M.O is !?

(Gordon Quid) #35

Looks like it was the same print as the Blu-Ray


Same scratches = same print :+1:

rest looks good, if a little blocky


The 89 minute version I see :neutral_face:

(Gordon Quid) #38

Definitely, the Movies4Men print of Brother Outlaw is not the same as the Amazon Prime version, as on Movies4Men the opening credits are in English with the title card in Italian.


This is literally 6 minutes worth of restoring. In 20 minutes I could get it so that in 1/24th of a second no one would even know it there was a scratch.



Excellent work … only thing is, the scratch is more like a tear in the film and is over 5 or 6 frames … is that still fixable?

Recently I watched a short docu on the restoration of the Bond movies - naturally they examined the most extreme areas of wear and tear and places where hair had been in the camera’s gate during filming. The restoration all looked great, then ‘Dr No’ played on HD TV here a few weeks past, and I noticed a hair on the graphic with the gun barrel intro. Guess that means MGM has an excuse to go back and release the series again, after they zap that unwanted eyelash. :laughing: