Most controversial thread ever (enter at your own risk)

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I can see the irony and the humorous side, yeah I now agree. We should put the red tape up. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is just bullshit, pardon my French :P. As I said before, talking about politics on any internet forum is like a dog chasing his tail: he will never get it. In other words, disscussions like these will never end and they can often lead into arguments that end up with one or more people feeling insulted. Why can’t we just leave it all alone?

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I haven’t written anything here in months :smiley:

Besides it’s more history than politics in this thread

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[quote=“TheBigSmokedown, post:207, topic:2465”]That’s just a fact.

Nazism is a form of facism and Hitler was a leader of the Nazi Party. Facists are far right and oppose liberalism, so it’s right to label Hitler and Nazism as both right-wing and conservative.

I’m not hysterical, but even your simple, supposedly matter-of-fact statement about Hitler is wrong. Hitler was first and foremost a Nazi, and if you divorce Nazism from the far right then it ceases to have any substance.

This much is clear, but what is less clear is your motivation for trying to twist the concepts involved. Is this leading to an attempted justification (or partial justification) for Hitler and his actions? If so, for what purpose?[/quote]

German national-socialism was a sort of nationalistic answer to communism in the 1920s and 1930s

Some of the ideology was a part of the right and some a part of leftist ideals

There was the bolshevic revolution in Russia in 1917, there was also an attempted bolshevic revolution in 1918-19 in Germany by Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht and other communist jews that was quelled

Bolshevism was seen by many as a lethal threat to western civilization

Hitler managed to unite the different classes and political fractions in Germany in this turbulent era

He wanted to take back German areas that were lost after the first world war

He also invaded the Soviet Union along with a number of eastern European allies with the intention of wiping out bolshevism, and getting new land areas in that age of colonialism

He didn’t want war with Britain and France

I think it’s an interesting subject, but I’ll say no more now since you don’t like to hear about it :wink:

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I was always under the impression that “Cracker” was a racial slur used by blacks against whites. Which originated from the plantations where a white overseer would often have a whip and “crack it”, hence the term “Cracker”.

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Its just sad that you didn’t live in Nazi Germany I bet it would have been fun for you

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[quote=“Spuff vermon, post:226, topic:2465”]Its just sad that you didn’t live in Nazi Germany I bet it would have been fun for you[/quote]I gather that was in response to the post before my one :wink:

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Yeah, I always though that ‘‘cracker’’ was a reference to the crack of a whip, hence I used in in reference to white racists (e.g. those who wish to crack whips at black people and Mexicans), but the link posted said it is an offensive term (though NOT necessarily racial, as it was used by ‘‘Yankees’’. e.g. White Americans from the north) for Southern Whites, which is quite disgusting so I am sorry I used it humorously based on what I was taught that the word meant, but seemingly doesn’t.

Buit it does beg the question, why is there a southern US shop/cafe called ‘‘Cracker Barrel’’? ??? Should that be like a French restaurant called ‘‘Frog Box’’ or an English one called ‘‘Limey Casket’’; which would certainly be highly offensive to French, English and anyone who is against such prejudice. Seems quite strange to me, but maybe it is due to American humour?

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That’s a big stretch of the phrase “just as,” there.

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Ok, now that we post in this thread again.

Sorry if I was extreme in some of my earlier posts, please accept my forgiveness and also sorry if I was rude to anyone.

Now I will leave this thread forever…

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Yap I arrive from Angola (once again the new Portuguese El Dorado) today, and see this thread again, lol Lindberg “Agent Provocateur” tactics are really working got to give to him (I’ll think I will hire him for my Marketing Department ;D ).

Anyway, it’s unclear but it seems that Corto Maltese died or disappeared fighting during the Spanish Civil War (I think not difficult to guess on what side we was on), I just wish I was more like him

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Yep, the far-right always had good marketing techniques
Overall their publicity department was first rate

You missed a few football games (European qualifiers), so let’s go to that thread

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Yes, I know Corto very well, only I still don’t understand why you mention him in this thread.
Angola, Lindberg, agent provocateur, marketing department, Corto Maltese, Spanish civil war … ?

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Well it seems the kind of stuff that will give a hell of a movie :wink:
Anywayl I don’t understand it myself Stanton, maybe I just would like to go like Corto fighting for freedom. And please forum mates let’s just not start discussing what freedom is

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I have a 30-year mortgage for which I will wind up paying twice the cost of my house. At the same time I’m glad to be able to own property. Freedom is still fairly relative.

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Yes it is…Reminds me of one of my favorite sayings: “Dont let the things you own own you”. My other favorite saying is: “The more you know, the more you realize you dont know” I’m happy I live in a place where mobs of religious fanatics dont roam the streets looking to kill foreigners (Although I’m sure there are still some places in America where that could happen) I’ve been lucky enough to live in NY, LA and Berlin :slight_smile:

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I still think we should delete this thread, a political thread doesn’t belong on this forum in the first place and it’s not even active anymore. Personally, I’ve deleted all of my political posts here as I don’t wanna be involved in politics and all, and I don’t know about you guys, but I doubt this thread is something any of us are proud of.

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It is a thread in which certain matters were discussed. I have no problems with this, even if some think the subject should be a very controversial one, which it must not be. There is no need to get hysterical if some people have in my (or hopefully our) opinion stupid (or whatever) beliefs. Not discussing them, ignoring them, denying them doesn’t change the fact that these opinions exist and one should deal with them.
And this forum is as good a place as any. At least if these things don’t become the main subject of the forum, which still will be a SW forum.

Problematic was that Lindberg had started in the weeks before to plaster the forum with Neo-Nazi propaganda and with anti-semitic statements.
Discussing his beliefs, no problem.
(Mis)using the forum for missionary purposes for whatever content, that’s not acceptable.