Modern bands inspired by SW music

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I am looking for recommendations for band that are heavily inspired by SW music.
I have heard that surf music draws a considerable amount of inspiration from SW scores, but any recommendations on any surf bands of this kind…

Even single tracks by any artists that sound SWish will do. One good example would be the opening of Short Change Hero by The Heavy.


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Funny, I was just looking this up the other day. I’ll see if I can find some links, but I know I came across a Reggae album inspired by SW’s, called The Big Gundown. Like the SW of the same name.

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I’m not sure “inspired” is the right word for this album, but there’s a one-off record by The Hellbenders called Today We Kill… Tomorrow We Die…-tomorrow/id151643561 that puts a contemporary spin on some classic Italo-western tunes, including the Sabata theme.

(John Welles) #4

I know there is a band out there called Django Django, but I don’t think their music is particularly Spaghettish.

(Jonny Powers) #5

The Reverb Syndicate’s Mondo Cacti is kind of spaghetti. Surf-ish style too, so you might like it. I do.

(genesis_pig) #6

I guess Robert Rodriguez’s band Chingon does count as well.

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There’s a compilation called “Cani Arrabbiati”, where there are many great new bands that cover spaghetti western themes, and other Italian film scores from horror, giallo and euro crime movies. I think it’s on Spotify. There’s a pretty good “Great Silence” cover there by Anima Morte. But I don’t know of any surf bands or such, that make their on music in the spaghetti western style.

There are always examples of known artists that sample spaghetti western scores. Prodigy made a song where they sample a few seconds of Morricone’s score for “The Big Gundown”. The song was simply called “The Big Gun Down”:

Gnarls Barkley also made a hit called “Crazy”, that sample the score for “Viva Django”. I just discovered this recently. But seems like it’s a really big hit. It has almost 7 million views on YouTube!

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I have record called For a Few Guitars More: A Tribute to Morricone’s Spaghetti Western Themes.
Very nice guitar-oriented compilation of modern (mostly) surf bands covering Morricone plus one original tune called “The Loud, the Loose, and the Savage” (that states “composed by Davie Allan, inspired by Ennio Morricone”). On this link you can find extensive info (looks like the writer knows his spaghetti) together with samples of each track:

As most inspired and fresh sounding I recommend following tracks:

  • For A Fistful of Dollars performed by Dave Wronksi (beautiful Spanish-tinged acoustic guitar)
  • Sixty Seconds To What? [aka La Resa dei Conti] performed by Brent J. Cooper (you can dance to this version)
  • A Gun for Ringo gently performed by Croatia’s finest the Bambi Molesters
  • Navajo Joe performed by Pollo del Mar (drenched in guitar distortion, with cute little quote of Shadows’ Apache at the end)
  • The Great Silence performed by Kim Humphreys (scorching guitar solo)
  • Once Upon a Time in the West very Hendrixesquelly performed by In the West

(Cat Stevens) #9

This is not exactly what you’re asking, but when I record my album where I do spaghetti-western tinged covers of non-spaghetti songs, these will be among them (so dibs):

Neutral Milk Hotel - The Fool[/url]
The Decemberists - Eli, The Barrow Boy
Jonathan Richman - Ahora es mejor
Mr. Loco - Religious Man
Johnny Cash - [url=]Thunderball

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Knights Of Cydonia - Muse.
See the video that goes with it.

(Nick) #12

Danger Mouse (who worked with Gnarls Barkley to create “Crazy” the remix of Gian Piero Reverbi’s “Nel Cimitero Di Tuscon”) partnered up with composer Danielle Luppi to create a heavily influenced Spaghetti Western / Indie-rock album titled “Rome”. The album features instruments made in the 1960’s, as well as being recorded in Forum Studios where a huge number of Spaghetti Western soundtracks were recorded. It also includes a re-uniting of the I Cantori Moderni! Which are featured very prominently in the album (especially Edda, who still sounds amazing). The album is extremely well produced and very reminiscent of the music it is inspired by. There’s a great mixture of instrumentals (like the song below) and vocal tracks. You guy’s should check it out!

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Might I also suggest this strange album?

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Remember starting a thread on this particular album when it released. I liked it then and still do now. Here’s the thread by the way.

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Oh neat! I didn’t know they used original musicians as well.