Modern bands inspired by SW music

I think it was actually Bill Elm (the other RDR composer) who was in FoDM! I’m a huge fan of their work on this. There’s a great video put out by Rockstar about their approach to voices, timbre, and layers on the soundtrack:

I love this album, and had no idea it was a movie as well! Thank you!

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Here’s a new band that’s incorporated some Western Influence’s Toro Jones

  1. Did you get to go to that concert (Virus Shut Everything Down Around Here March 12th)

  2. Federale (Portland) is Awesome I would Say Better than Spindrift

Check out Enya’s Spaghetti Western Theme from the Celts. It is available on her Amarantine EP. I know it seems incongruous, but it is a great song and it effectively evokes Morricone’s use of bells, guitar, and soaring vocals.

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This is an album from 1987. It starts with a Morricone tune. It’s a great album!

Sampled Nora Orlandi