Missing members?

(davidf) #121

Silver a rose among the cacti :wink: where have you been? :slight_smile:

(Silvanito) #122

Yes, nice to have Silver back

(Silvanito) #123

And speaking of missing members, I wonder what happened to Musket?

He was very active 2-3 years ago, also in the database

Now it seems he’s completely gone

(Silvanito) #124

Then there are members who log in but rarely post anything these days, like Cian or Garko Forever

(ENNIOO) #125

Welcome back Silver…wonder whether you will change your avatar…

(Silver) #126


Thanks again…and well, in a bad place let’s say. Plus 7 weeks of school hols (which ends tomorrow) so lots of trips to the coast, walking round the local lakes and of course trainspotting!

Nope…think i’ll be sticking with the lovely Mr Martin for now :stuck_out_tongue: Btw…i think if you ever changed yours i’d probably keel over with a heart attack :o

(Phil H) #127

Nice to have you back Silver

(ENNIOO) #128

Well I cannot have you having a potential heart attack…so I better stay the same :smiley: :wink: .

(Frank Talby) #129

Welcome back Silver good to have you back.

(Silence) #130

Welcome back Silver.

(AceHigh) #131

Hi yo Silver!

(Garko Forever) #132

I’m still here. Life (i.e two jobs, wife, kids) keep me too busy these days to be as active as I’d like, but I do try to find the time to pop in and see what’s going on here. Now that I’ve been missed by name I’ll have to purpose to be more visible in the future!

(Frank Talby) #133

Welcome back GF glad to see you alive and well.

(Garko Forever) #134

Thanks!! I agree - it IS good to be alive and well!! :slight_smile:

(Silence) #135

Welcome back GF!

(Silence) #136

What happened to Magnus? I got good along with him and we traded movies once. Actually I was into another trade but he dis appeared. The funny thing is that he has been active in pretty much exactly a year :D.

(Reverend Danite) #137

Fuckin’ hell - I’ve jus’ noticed Romaine Fielding’s back - I thought we’d got rid of him! :wink: 8)
(Sorry if I’m being premature, I am of course joking RF - it’d be great to have you back here amigo)

(Stanton) #138

Great news

(Silence) #139

Finally! Welcome back amigo!

(Reverend Danite) #140

he still don’t know when his inbox is full tho’ :smiley:
Betty page has returned as well in celebration!