Missing members?

(I...I...Idiot) #101


(Reverend Danite) #102

Recent references I’ve made regarding Chelo Alonzo, nunsploitation and Benito Stefanelli’s strange hair make me think of our dear absent brother, Romaine Fielding. I know why he’s not been about, but I still miss him, his review-ettes and his strange dirty little ways. You ever check in amigo?

(Stanton) #103

Yeah, time for him to make his fuckin comeback

(Phil H) #104

RF has no internet at home and was getting pressure at work over usage time so has had to lay off for a while. Like the Rev, I miss him around here and look forward to his return. One of the good guys.

(korano) #105

Practically gave me 80% of my Spaghetti Western collection! some 40 films! I cannot thank him enough!

(Sebastian) #106

gave? for a fistful of dollars?

(korano) #107

He made copies of his that I chose or he suggested. But just out of satisafaction to gving to a new fan

(Silence) #108

[quote=“Lindberg, post:75, topic:811”]Are these members dead?

Earl McGraw

Yodlaf Peterson

Romaine Fielding[/quote]
None of them are. I just had a small talk with Aaron/Yodlaf in the lovelockandload forum, I heard from Earl Mcgraw on Youtube a while ago and Romaine Fielding is still on the forum but he hasn’t posted in a while.

(ENNIOO) #109

Good detective work.

(Silence) #110

Hopefully I can play the main man in a Euro Crime film as an adult.

(ENNIOO) #111

I guess you could.

(Silence) #112

I will!

(ENNIOO) #113

Raph_Alv has not been round for a while…

(alk0) #114

And where are the ladies? Haven’t seen Silver, Jill or Poggy for a while

(Sebastian) #115

all here with me :slight_smile:

(Stanton) #116

ahh … the benefits of the Marshall job. All play and no work …

(Sebastian) #117

the way I play, it’s work :stuck_out_tongue:

(Stanton) #118

he he (lechz)

(Silver) #119

And very nice it was too… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

(Dillinger) #120

Hi ho Silver! Welcome back.