Missing members?

(alk0) #281

No, i only miss ODB

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #282

[quote=“man with a name, post:278, topic:811”]yes it’s good news about the rev. i have met the man. a great guy :slight_smile:
a lot of missing membrs on here but the same things happened on the horror forum i am on HMCA. I think there is a serial killer on the loose.[/quote]


(Chris_Casey) #283

Good to know the Rev. is A-OK and will be back in these parts again, soon.
I’m not here all that much, myself, anymore due to all sorts of crazy real world things going on around me; but, I have noticed a severe lack of the Rev’s presence when I have had the opportunity to “check in”.
It’ll be good to see some new posts from him.

(Stanton) #284

Apart from the already named Autephex, Dillinger and the Rev I always hoped that Romaine Fielding will one day return.

There was also an obscure member called Sebastian who was a few years ago pretty much posting on this board. :wink:

(John Welles) #285

Hiya, Chris, it’s nice to see you’re still around. I hope things work out for you okay.

(Starblack) #286

[quote=“El Topo, post:279, topic:811”]Now that’s good news

Missing Starblack and Dillinger also, long time we dont heard nothing from them[/quote]

I’m still alive. Had to scale back my time on the web, but I still drop by on occasion. Hope to get back into circulation. I haven’t been in prison. Honest.

(ENNIOO) #287

Glad to hear you have not been in prison then :smiley: .

(Stanton) #288

Any members here who are in prison? Or ex-members?


Have no idea about convicts, but I know some that might be in a mental institution ;D

(scherpschutter) #290

Do you? Name a few.


Do you want them in BIG SHOUTY CAPITAL LETTERS? :o :stuck_out_tongue:

(scherpschutter) #292

And in [size=18pt]COLO[/size] size=18pt[/size][size=18pt]R[/size], please

(El Topo) #293

Never been in Prison myself, but you never know about the future

(Stanton) #294

Interesting, I never would have guessed that

(scherpschutter) #295

I have been in prison quite often, not as a prisoner, but as a researcher. I can tell you, it’s not a place you want to be

(El Topo) #296

Yes I know, in any case I was trained to survive as prisioner of war, and can say I real dislike that particular aspect of my militar training

(ENNIOO) #297

Ah right think I know at least one past member now :wink: .

(scherpschutter) #298

My vote for this comment is 16.3 out of 21.5

(Phil H) #299

Nice to know you’re still around mate.

(ENNIOO) #300

I have to agree ;D .