Mexican westerns section?

(autephex) #1

Notice that Mexico is not included in the country listings on the DB, would it be cool to add a section for Mexican westerns?

Since I’ve been doing all this research on Alberto Mariscal films, I figured I would create film pages for them all. They are basically spaghetties but made in MX. This would end up being the site with most complete information on these westerns :wink:

there are also other mexiwestrns which would be at home in the db, maybe we could even do a special feature page


Cannot see why they should not be included in the database.

(Bad Lieutenant) #3

The Mexico category should be changed. It’s now under ‘locations’, should be in ‘countries of production’. Wanted to do this myself, but a little busy. By the way, added…_unos_dólares

(JonathanCorbett) #4

Favourable vote from my side, but there are 560 westerns with country of origin Mexico, so the selection must be very restrictive: about ten films presented as SWs in Italy (see link*) and in addition only post-Fistful westerns certainly related to the genre, preferably from a very small number of directors (for instance Mariscal, René Cardona and Raùl de Anda).

(Bad Lieutenant) #5

Mexico category looks like this now:

I’ve taken the liberty to add:

  • 7 Colt per 7 carogne
  • El diabólico
  • Su precio… unos dólares
  • Una Colt, cinque dollari, una carogna

All of have some spaghetti/Euro connection.

Agree with what JC says about the three directors mentioned. I would also add El Topo, as it is stylistically so related the spaghetti western.

(autephex) #6

Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Bad Lieutenant

I have added a translated synopsis for Todo por nada.

I have several posters for this film and was going to add them all, but I don’t see any options to upload new images unless I totally replace the main poster.

Are certain permissions required to add images? If so, could somebody add them to my account?

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Looks like I am also unable to edit the Category page to add any new listings, if I create any

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Not sure what you mean, autephex. I always choose ‘upload file’ and just upload. If you have a better poster, by all means change it (if you’re able to). Don’t know if you have admin restrictions or something like that? If so, ask Sebastian. I don’t think this is the case, but I can’t tell of course.

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The French poster you used is actually pretty good. That one, the Italian and Yugoslavian posters are the best

I don’t have an upload link anywhere, except for if I click on the main poster. I don’t want to replace it though, I just want to add to the images on the Pictures link.

I am for some reason missing a lot of editing options, like I cannot edit new links into the side bar (eg, Forum topic)

I used to be able to do this, but now cannot… so maybe I have a restriction placed on my account for some reason…

Screenshot examples of what I see:

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You’re not logged in, I think. I get all white background when logged in, instead of the planks.

(autephex) #11

Those screens are what it looks like when I am logged in. In fact, I don’t like logging in because it totally jacks everything up and makes it very hard to navigate.

Seems like something funky is going on… but it happens no matter which browser I use. Weird

(Bad Lieutenant) #12

I don’t know then. Do know what you mean about ‘jacking things up’. I always log out to be able to see what a page looks like that I just created/altered. Also the forum link disappears when logged in.

(autephex) #13

Alright, well no need for me to make this topic about my account problems. I’ll see if I can figure anything out on my end or message Seb about it

Will be pretty limited as to how much I can add into the DB myself until sorted out though

(Farmer_J) #14

Here’s another Mexican western with Stiglitz simply called “I Violenti”.
Looks like he was busy with the westerns in the early 70s. Very little info about this one.

(JonathanCorbett) #15

With Mario and Fernando Almada, Stiglitz and Jacqueline Voltaire must be a little known Italian release of Los desalmados (1971), directed by Rubén Galindo.

A faithful translation of the original title would have been better: I senza anima.

(autephex) #16

Nice poster, Farmer_J, yet another title to look into 8)

Speaking of Rubén Galindo, one of the films that came in these multi-disc sets I’ve bought is Todo el horizonte para morir[/url] (1971). I don’t know anything about it yet, but it was directed by Rubén Galindo and stars Fernando Almada & Mario Almada

Mario Almada is in freaking everything

Another one I’ve randomly come across with Stiglitz is [url=]La Muerte De Un Pistolero (1986). Don’t know anything about this one yet either, but can get the VHS

(JonathanCorbett) #17

359 credits as actor, 247 movies. ;D

(Farmer_J) #18

I’ll try to find some more Stiglitz westerns. He was definitely a busy boy in the westerns, as I’ve found some dvds on ebay, of modern westerns with him in. I’ll watch for more posters too.

(autephex) #19

So while browsing the DB, I noticed that Eurowesterns have a little line at the top of their pages saying “This is a Euro-western” with a little flag

I was thinking maybe do the same for the Mexican westerns, but what should we call them?


These are the three terms I’ve seen used to reference these films

(Stanton) #20

Why not simply Mexican Western? Do these films need a nick-name?