Mexican westerns section?

Notice that Mexico is not included in the country listings on the DB, would it be cool to add a section for Mexican westerns?

Since I’ve been doing all this research on Alberto Mariscal films, I figured I would create film pages for them all. They are basically spaghetties but made in MX. This would end up being the site with most complete information on these westerns :wink:

there are also other mexiwestrns which would be at home in the db, maybe we could even do a special feature page

Cannot see why they should not be included in the database.

The Mexico category should be changed. It’s now under ‘locations’, should be in ‘countries of production’. Wanted to do this myself, but a little busy. By the way, added…_unos_dólares

Favourable vote from my side, but there are 560 westerns with country of origin Mexico, so the selection must be very restrictive: about ten films presented as SWs in Italy (see link*) and in addition only post-Fistful westerns certainly related to the genre, preferably from a very small number of directors (for instance Mariscal, René Cardona and Raùl de Anda).

Mexico category looks like this now:

I’ve taken the liberty to add:

  • 7 Colt per 7 carogne
  • El diabólico
  • Su precio… unos dólares
  • Una Colt, cinque dollari, una carogna

All of have some spaghetti/Euro connection.

Agree with what JC says about the three directors mentioned. I would also add El Topo, as it is stylistically so related the spaghetti western.

Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Bad Lieutenant

I have added a translated synopsis for Todo por nada.

I have several posters for this film and was going to add them all, but I don’t see any options to upload new images unless I totally replace the main poster.

Are certain permissions required to add images? If so, could somebody add them to my account?

Looks like I am also unable to edit the Category page to add any new listings, if I create any

Not sure what you mean, autephex. I always choose ‘upload file’ and just upload. If you have a better poster, by all means change it (if you’re able to). Don’t know if you have admin restrictions or something like that? If so, ask Sebastian. I don’t think this is the case, but I can’t tell of course.

The French poster you used is actually pretty good. That one, the Italian and Yugoslavian posters are the best

I don’t have an upload link anywhere, except for if I click on the main poster. I don’t want to replace it though, I just want to add to the images on the Pictures link.

I am for some reason missing a lot of editing options, like I cannot edit new links into the side bar (eg, Forum topic)

I used to be able to do this, but now cannot… so maybe I have a restriction placed on my account for some reason…

Screenshot examples of what I see:

You’re not logged in, I think. I get all white background when logged in, instead of the planks.

Those screens are what it looks like when I am logged in. In fact, I don’t like logging in because it totally jacks everything up and makes it very hard to navigate.

Seems like something funky is going on… but it happens no matter which browser I use. Weird

I don’t know then. Do know what you mean about ‘jacking things up’. I always log out to be able to see what a page looks like that I just created/altered. Also the forum link disappears when logged in.

Alright, well no need for me to make this topic about my account problems. I’ll see if I can figure anything out on my end or message Seb about it

Will be pretty limited as to how much I can add into the DB myself until sorted out though

Here’s another Mexican western with Stiglitz simply called “I Violenti”.
Looks like he was busy with the westerns in the early 70s. Very little info about this one.

With Mario and Fernando Almada, Stiglitz and Jacqueline Voltaire must be a little known Italian release of Los desalmados (1971), directed by Rubén Galindo.

A faithful translation of the original title would have been better: I senza anima.

Nice poster, Farmer_J, yet another title to look into 8)

Speaking of Rubén Galindo, one of the films that came in these multi-disc sets I’ve bought is Todo el horizonte para morir[/url] (1971). I don’t know anything about it yet, but it was directed by Rubén Galindo and stars Fernando Almada & Mario Almada

Mario Almada is in freaking everything

Another one I’ve randomly come across with Stiglitz is [url=]La Muerte De Un Pistolero (1986). Don’t know anything about this one yet either, but can get the VHS

359 credits as actor, 247 movies. ;D

I’ll try to find some more Stiglitz westerns. He was definitely a busy boy in the westerns, as I’ve found some dvds on ebay, of modern westerns with him in. I’ll watch for more posters too.

So while browsing the DB, I noticed that Eurowesterns have a little line at the top of their pages saying “This is a Euro-western” with a little flag

I was thinking maybe do the same for the Mexican westerns, but what should we call them?


These are the three terms I’ve seen used to reference these films

Why not simply Mexican Western? Do these films need a nick-name?