Massacre Time / Le colt cantarono la morte e fu … tempo di massacro (Lucio Fulci, 1966)

(chuck connors brother) #121

There are many for me… and a disappointing movie can get better with multiple viewings.

(ENNIOO) #122

Just gets better and better this one after each viewing…I can hear that title song in my head now :slight_smile: .


This is actually one of those movies that did get better after the first viewing. Could sit and watch it only for the score…and Castelnuovo!

(retask) #124

So. Which DVD release of this film is the best?

I saw this review on DVDbeaver. The first one is the best out of the two, but still not so good. Are there any better?

(tomobea) #125

I Think the Japanese (SPO) version is the best!?

(p.pereira) #126

As I recall Filmax dvd was not bad at all.

(sartana1968) #127

simple a masterpiece!! litle slow at the begining but after 40 minutes the film goes much much better and the ending it’s awesome!
not in my top 20 but really close! i have all fulci films but masacre time it’s very good for my taste!
one of the best roles for franco nero, the bar fight it’s one of the best fight’s i ever seen in a western
i have the japanese version, the picture not so good but it have the original italian audio with the english subtitles
too bad there rumors that wild east will re-released it and not koch media because there is no italian audio in the wild east version
many spaghetti westerns wait for a special treatment and i’am always waiting for the next re-release
the japanese version it’s the best!!!

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #128

The japanese is good because of the anamorphic picture. But I also have the eagle pictures release which has the george hilton interview (not english friendly unfortunately).

(The Stranger) #129

I think the French DVD (Studio Canal) and the German DVD (Black Hill Pictures, the German DVD uses the print of the French DVD as the source) is the best version.
Great picture quality. Unfortunately both are not English friendly. (But ok, I have not seen the Japanese DVD from SPO :wink: )

(Andy) #130

I just have this one on the spaghetti western bible vol. 3 set (but at least it’s widescreen). I thought it was fairly interesting but not spectacular. The gunfight at the end I think was the best part. Like other people have said I probably need to view it again to really appreciate it.

(I love you M.E. Kay) #131

Anybody knows if the picture quality on the Japanese DVD is similar, better or worse than the French DVD? Also, I imagine that you can buy stuff on from pretty much anywhere, just like on .fr and .de, right (or is there better places to get JP releases)?

(ModernDjango) #132

Just watched Massacre Time and Four of the Apocalypse back to back. I enjoyed both of them but thought Massacre Time was, overall, the more solid film. Great performances by Nero and Hilton, but the Chinese guy with the blowdart pipe stole the movie. ;D

(Jude) #133

I finally decided to check this gem too. Main reasons why i checked Massacre Time was because Fulci is the director and of course any movie that has Franco Nero in it is interesting. After the slow start things start to get exciting, many dramatic things happen on the second half of the movie, which was nice to see, Fulci wasn’t afraid of creating these scenes that come without a warning, and this is one reason i liked Massacre Time. One huge factor for me in any spaghetti western movie is the soundtrack, and i simply love Sergio Endrigo’s theme song and luckily Fulcio uses it many times. I expected something better from Mr. Nero though, his performance isn’t the best here and i felt that George Hilton stole the show in a good way (his character was nice addition to the movie!). And of course i can’t forget to mention how brilliant the final scene is, scenes like these show you that this movie was made with heart. Massacre Time is a revenge story with heart, unlike for example “If You Meet Sartana, Pray for Your Death” which i watched before this, so that’s why i’m comparing these two. 4 stars out of 5 from me.

You’ll come back home someday, you’ll come back home someday… 8)

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Here’s the cover to the forthcoming Wild East edition.

(sartana1968) #135

[quote=“Yodlaf Peterson, post:134, topic:246”]Here’s the cover to the forthcoming Wild East edition.

i prefer the japanese dvd cover :slight_smile:

(Yodlaf Peterson) #136

[quote=“sartana1968, post:135, topic:246”]i prefer the japanese dvd cover :)[/quote]Same here. I think the Wild East one is a shit choice actually, I’ll still be getting it though.

(chuck connors brother) #137

Viewed some of the Wild East disc… and the new American dub sounds better to me, mainly because Franco Neros voice is tougher, and it suits the character more.

That was my original problem with Massacre Time, the country boy sort of voice in the international version dub just doesn’t suit the character.

(Bill san Antonio) #138

Can someone make some screenshots from the WE disc?


Got the WE disc yesterday and watched it immediately, with the international track. It was similar to Texas Adios, not only because of Nero as protagonist, a brother of his and a big family secret, but also in tempo. Like mentioned film it has unnecessary long, quiet scenes, and while i think this actually fits, or at least does no damage to, Texas Adios, Massacre Time/The Brute and the Beast really suffers from it. The acting and script also leave much to wish for. Like the whole family business thing, for example. The beans are just spilled, they are pissing away a great moment which could have lifted the film several notches. A troubled look from Nero and that´s that, they could have done much more with it. There is not much to compensate that either, no special camera work, style or gripping action scenes.
I guess the crucified mexican was meant to work as a cool scene, but it just passes by as a lame attempt to spice up the film, an idea - a “darling” - the director wanted in there.
Well, i´ll just have to rewatch this one with the US audiotrack. Maybe that will give the film another aura.

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