Massacre Time / Le colt cantarono la morte e fu … tempo di massacro (Lucio Fulci, 1966)

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Tempo di massacro is a great SW. George Hilton and Franco Nero are great. There is one Jumping Scene with Franco I didn’t like, but the whole movie is really good. I think Texas Addio was before Tempo di Massacro. So maybe you can say Tempo di Massacro is the Hardcore Version of Texas Addio.


FRANCO NERO and GEORGE HILTON work very well in this High Quality SW.

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This is good too. I have to watch it again - been a while since I last watched it. Nero is great as always.

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I saw this Fulci SW recently and I must say I quite enjoyed it.

[b]for the familial relations in this film are as twisted as Fulci's violent imagery. [/b]

This line from the DB’s film page says it best! ;D

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One of the best! “Excuse me, Gentlemen!!”

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I just watched this and I guess I was a little disappointed. I found the storyline lacking, although the movie certainly wasn’t short on action! This movie could have used some more character development as well - it seemed like you didn’t learn much about the plot or the characters until the last 30 minutes, then boom, it was over.

I liked both Hilton and Nero in this and Castelnuovo made a very realistic and despicable sadist.

The theme song was great though, I have a feeling it will be stuck in my head for several days…

I give this 3/5 stars and I will definitely give it another go when I am in the mood for a shoot 'em up.

(Goodfella) #27

I have this on the way and will be watching it in the next few days. I have high hopes actually. It has Nero and fulci did have some talent to display when he wasnt focused on delivering BS gore feasts(which was most of the time).

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Well, in regards to my post above… What I should have said is that it seemed Fulci might have some talent to display. But now after seeing a few of his films I think a interesting shot here or there is about all he has to offer. Story and character sure arent any were to be found.

Yes, the film starts out really slow but that wouldnt be a problem in the least if during that time characters and plot were being developed. To bad thats not the case, what we have instead are souless entities wondering around a western setting for an hour or so spitting out worthless dialog(in a horrible dub on top of it).

Then Fulci tries to throw everything at you at once with a plot twist thats just as lame as it was in Texas, Adios only fulci handles it even worse than Baldi.(at least Baldi lead me to believe that I still have to see his other films). And a climax which is just shooting, shooting, and more shooting with no real purpose behind it other than to throw a buch of mindless action at the viewer. Non stop action for the sake of non stop action to me is just as dull as anything else. The fact that we are not invested in the characters or their cause makes it even worse.

I had high hopes for this one. Nero + a bad sss title. To bad both were wasted on a rather pointless film IMO. Its been a couple spags now since Ive been impressed by one(Keoma being the last…what a film). Hopefully Im do for one and Django The Bastard will fill that role.

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Yeah I have to agree with your critiscm on Massacre time Goodfella. It could’ve been alot better than it was. I enjoyed the big gunfight in the end, but the villain with the perpetually tilted head sucked.

It was still better than Texas Adios though. Overall I would rate it slightly above average, but not a classic.

Hopefully you will find some Spags that are more to your taste. I’m sorry that the genre seems to be letting you down. Keep trying, hopefully you’ll find some more that you like. Send me a PM maybe I can recommend a few that you might like.

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I saw the trailer and it looks pretty good. Everything looks good. A slow pace and a brilliantly shot action filled finale. I hope it is that good? I think my damn vdieo store lost their US copy of it. >:(

(Goodfella) #31

The trailers a lot cooler than the actual film IMO.

Anyway, the genres not letting me down at all. So far Ive seen 4 films in the genre that I really dig a lot and a couple others that I found enjoyable. Thats not bad out of the dozen or so that Ive seen. I have a lot more to view.

And seriously what was up with dudes head? Maybe “Daddy” dropped him a couple times as an infant.

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saw this last night and this is proberly lucio fulci’s best western, he did a couple of others and of course made his mark in the italian horror genre. to be honest i am not a fulci fan and think he is over rated in the horror genre, i like “zombie flesheaters” of his in that genre and that’s about it." the smuggler"is ok and “four of the apocalypse"is ok in parts,but " massacre time " is better if a little rough edged at times. it certainly hints at what was to come from fulci regarding the " violence to women” where a handful are shot down here. some good scenes here and franco nero is always good in spaghetti westerns.watchable.

(korano) #34

I can’t wait to see this one. I’m gettin’ antsy.

(Paco Roman) #35

Have you seen it already, what are your thoughts? I always liked this one. In some ways it’s similiar to Texas, Addio but grittier and with more violence.


THe best Fulci western imo, but again nothing extremely special. I always thought the villains were more interesting than the good guys in this one. Jason (Castelnuovo) must be one of the sickest and most sadistic villains in the history of the genre. Top score by Lallo Gori. 3/5

(korano) #37

Finally gotto see this one. I liked it. I thought it was kinda slow to start but picked up in a big way during the whipping scene. Like the music. I noticed that there are a lot of people shot in the face. The characters see someone they want to kiland they fire like 6 shots to kill one person even though the first bulet hit them. A little over kill there. Great final shoot out and George Hilton and Franci Nero are great together. Thought the “drive by” part were kinda weird. How can you kill people in a house while you are galloping? And not even really aiming? Oh well. Liked it quite a bit but the green was not that good. Much prefered thegreen in Django the Bastard.

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I’ve nearly finished the review now
I watched it in Italian, and dialogue was pretty bizarre, very theatrical, with a lot of subjunctives and classic turns of phrase
Scriptwriter Di Leo was very proud of this, but the actors didn’t look very happy with it, especially Nero (he was by the way dubbed in Italian by a voice actor)

I still have to watch at least some twenty minutes of dialogue dubbed in English before I finish the revioew
I guess you watched it in English, did dialogue sound natural or not?

(korano) #39

I didn’t notice anything wrong with the dialogue. Was it supposed to be something special? I have to watch itagain and try and notice this. I’ll have to skip my review since it will only pale in comparison to yours. :wink: Besides, I still have to finish my damn anti heroes articles.

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Yeah I remember that part. That guy kept on getting up like he was ok after being shot. Other guys took only one shot to die. It didnt make sense.

I loved George Hilton in this. I think he stole the show with his drunk character. He sort of reminded me of a doc holliday type character, the flawed sidekick who is actually better with a gun than the main hero.