Man Who Cried for Revenge / Il suo nome gridava vendetta (Mario Caiano, 1968)

I understand most of it, but I’m in the process of learning, so I have to play a lot of dialogue a few times to make sense of it, because Italian has a lot of similar-sounding words that have different meanings

How are you learning ? Taking a course or just by watching SWs?

I have a lot of great books to learn Italian, I use several websites to learn Italian and I support myself with films - not only SW
Videos are important for you to speak and understand

What is your Native Tongue?

Obviously you know English

Polski :blush:

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I really hope Koch releases this on Blu-Ray one day. Also, could someone tell me where this was filmed? None of the locations look familiar to me

  • Elios Western town
  • Bosco Macchia Grande (Manziana)
    In ancient times this forest was associated to Mantus, god of the underworld.
    Link below, 52 pics
  • De Laurentiis Western town
  • Valley of the river Mignone (near Rota)
  • Ranch Set in the locality of Selcia, Mazzano Romano
  • Manziana
  • Old wooden bridge over the river Mignone
  • Tor Caldara and Solfatara di Monterano

I was researching the wooden bridge over the river Mignone recently.
It seems that it appeared in a number of movies such as 2 Ringos from Texas and Ben Hur.

I read that the wooden bridge is gone but has been replaced with a concrete bridge.
This Manziana area has many SW locations.

This was pretty ok. Steffen is back to being as stiff as cardboard but at least Willy Bergers here to add a little spice. Felt mostly by the numbers although I did enjoy the opening title sequence with its fantastic main theme by Robby Poitevin. The cat and mouse finale was quite fun too. It’s also nice seeing this has a HD restoration. I’m surprised there isn’t a blu-ray of this one yet.

Yes I keep thinking this one will be one of Explosive Media’s next titles as there is an HD master but it has not appeared yet. I would pick up a Blu-ray!!!

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This one will not be released by Explosive Media and also not by Koch (Plaion Pictures).
But…yes there is new German HD Master and yes it will be released on BD :slight_smile:


Sounds like you’re in the know :wink:


spill it!

Has to be Cargo then!

No, not Cargo.
Koch gave a sub-license to a label that never has releases any spaghetti western up to now :wink:

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oh… how mysterious

…and it is a very “slow label”. But not filmArt :wink:

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FilmArt would mean a 2027 release :laughing:


Would you say the label has put out at least semi decent quality blu-rays?