Macaroni Western Bibles

Each “bible” normally contains 4 DVDS and sets go for around around $150+

Are they really worth the price?.

depends. most films are already available in Germany or elsewhere. 4 dvds for 150 dollars, that is too much money in my opinion

As Seb already said I would only buy them if the movies are really worth buying and have no other (cheaper) release elsewhere in the world. And you probably have to love all films in this “bible”…

I wonder why they have them in Japan of all places?

Most of them have english audio, and that is of course a nice option for some people compared to Koch Media for instance, but you’re right they are expensive.

The artwork and digipack presentation, the "made in Japan label " explain the price…

All is expensive in Japan…

i’m consider purchasing one of the sets but i dunno. im with you ppl - too fucking expensive.

check this out:

maybe if you pick one with lots of rare ones it is worth the money

[quote=“Sebastian, post:7, topic:281”]yeah.
check this out:

maybe if you pick one with lots of rare ones it is worth the money[/quote]
i’ve got them all but one (i didn’t get round to the Trinity box)
the early release were great cos everything had english language or subtitles.
When they changed to 3 disc boxes it was cut down to 1 in the box the rest were all Italian language with Japanese subs and a few in German but i felt i had to continue with them to get the whole set.

Pistoleros was Italian only but i now have a Wild East one and so was Johnny Hamlet so i now have a German release with English subtitles.

Im a big fan of the macaroni sery and I have a cupple (25) of them myself. I only find it a bit disapointing that some releases are in italian with no english subs! for that price I would like to have atleast subtitles that I can read.

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Hey Sebastien,

Do you know what movies the two sets by YesAsia contain and if they have English subs/dubs? I’m sure they do, but both of the entire descriptions are in Asian. Thanks.

Not sure about those boxes. Maybe this page will help you a bit:

Thanks Bill, but I think my real question is are the titles listed under the 2007 Rereleases the ones that are included in the YesAsia box sets? The art work is different, and the release date is 2004 on YesAsia. Has anyone actually bought these two sets from YesAsia?

i guess we should look into that and update our database pages with those releases

I have the Sartana Spaghetti Western Bible set that was released around six years ago. The transfer is not great but I am happy to at least have all the films.

The Macaroni Western Bibles were the box sets released by SPO in Japan some years ago. They usually consisted of 3-4 spaghetti westerns in a nice box. They cost bundles of money :slight_smile: