anyone know anything about this site?

The Guide on the mainpage of lostspaghettiwesterns.com links the introductionpage of this one here :wink:

yeah i know, but I never heard of this page before!

So they didn’t ask to link…?!

no but i did some research. they also own a couple of other sites like that. i think they’re just a bigger bootleg bunch, copying material from everywhere and selling those cheap rip-offs for helluva lot money

Apparently over the summer the site shut its doors, becuase when I ordered a copy of Blindman and The Mercenary, nothing came, and nobody took the payment. But I would like to know if anybody did buy their movies from that website to see if their copies were worth the $$.

better order from exploited, they have a good reputation and don’t sell bootlegs.

speaking of blindman, it’s best to just order the german DVD which as english subtitles, and has awesome quality

Sorry Seb, but the Koch dvd has english audio and forced german subs.

Very good quality though :wink:

no it doesn’t. i have it, the subs are not forced!
but you are right it has english audio, not english subtitles

I have it too, I haven’t been able to turn off the german subs ???

the dvdtalk.com review doesnt mention forced subs either.
try to select the english audio track and then select no subtitles. there should be subititles during the 50 or so seconds of restored italian footage

Ok, I’ll check the disc again.

Don’t sweat it guys. I bought a “restored” version of Blindman off of ebay complete w/ English subs on the cut dialogue. I also picked a DVD-R copy of “The Mercenary” off of a very reliable seller too.

nevertheless, i’d rather buy something from a company and thus support them so they can publish more of them. with those bootlegs, the money lands in the pockets of somebody, but it should go into the pockets of some little company that can then require the rights and material for new stuff in legal ways and then release new dvds. i am talking about wild east, koch media, blue underground etc… they only release that stuff if we buy it, if the sales numbers go down, they stop doing it. in that sense people, buy more blue underground spaghettis, koch media spaghettis and wild east spaghettis, or we dont see new releases

I have mentioned similar ground before with this so called FRANCO CLEEF character , which alot of people seem to bow down to, but not me!

well he does an amazing job, but i’d rather see him work at wild east and do something for this niche market in an official kind of way, that would do a lot more for the spaghetti western genre on dvd than just releasing bootlegs, which is illegal in most countries anyway, only the US has some legal loopholes that allow him to do that

I agree completly on that one, if we don’t support Blue-Underground, Koch Media, Wildeast etc… they will stop producing them.

Yes I agree 100%.

You cannot keep on taking and putting nothing back in, as the genre will only suffer in the long run.

Isn’t it about time someone released “SONNY AND JED”

Also, it would help if all the companies would release uncut releases. There’s lot of dvd releases of “Nobody’s the Greatest” already but none of them is uncut. I would like to see some sw fan to make complete version because I have already lost my faith to see it as an official release.