Long Live Your Death / Viva la muerte … tua! (Duccio Tessari, 1971)

With my LG Blu Ray player there is an option to change the position of the subtitle higher or lower within the picture, and the good news is for those who find forced subs irritating (All of us!) you can make the subtitle disappear by adjusting them to - 5 … I found this feature accidently, because who reads the set up instructions? (Nobody!)

I have a few French discs with this problem and it works for all of them , ET VOILÀ !


Interesting. I did talk to a guy the other day though that spent 50 bucks on the Wild East release of The Dirty Outlaws and when he opened up the case it was a DVD-R. He, understandably, was not happy.

I’ll see if mine has the option. Thanks for the tip.

The Wild East release is a pressed disc, so it sounds like someone kept the original and sold the sleeve. I have seen quite a few bootlegs of Wild East discs though, including some weird looking hybrids. For example, a double feature that wasn’t originally a double feature.