Long Live Your Death / Viva la muerte … tua! (Duccio Tessari, 1971)

a.k.a. Don’t Turn The Other Cheek-A comedic spaghetti with Nero and Wallach.I usually stay away from comedy westerns but i found this on vhs at amazon cheap.I was pleased ,Nero and Wallach play very well off of one another and you get the feeling they were having fun making this film.The comedy is not over the top, i would put it right along side the Trinity films.My appreciation for Nero grows with ever movie i see him in, I think he and Millian are two great talents who fortunate for sw fans liked westerns.


This one is really ok for a comedy western. Nero and Wallach are great in it. Nothing special but fun to watch !!!

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good for a laugh, but who thought up “Don’t turn the other cheek”, “Long live your death” is a much better sounding title but it makes it look like a serious violent western

This one is actually one of my favourite sw’s, great cast, story, action. A mixture of political spaghetti and elements from GBU.
Very funny without being a total comedy, great stuff :slight_smile:

Too bad there doesn’t seem to be a really good english language release around, I haven’t seen the recent french release on dvd, anybody know how this release is like?

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3 stars , only for the presence of Wallach & Nero.

Two and a half stars just for getting to watch Eli Wallach eat that plate of stew.

Not that great and I really couldn’t see what anybody sees in Lynn Regrave. She just seemed so very annoying.

4 stars from me for a very entertaining sw completing an excellent trio for Franco Nero alongside THE MERCENARY and COMPANEROS.

I think it´s great!! I like comedy westerns and this is one of the best. Very similar in the mood as my absolute favorite spaghetti Companeros. The treasuremap on the butt adds an extra point, so 5 from me!

In which case ther aren’t enough stars available for THE STRANGER AND THE GUNFIGHTER.

Its so frustrating that we can’t get a decent dvd release for LONG LIVE YOUR DEATH.The Italian version is over 15 minutes longer.

A fun movie, but nothing spectacular. I thought Nero had his moments of overacting, especially in the beginning and Wallach was just OK, his performance is a fry cry form Tuco. The movie would have benefited form some better landscapes as well. But it has got its share of good scenes and the battle near the end and final gunfight were fun and well made. 7/10

Indeed! Given that it’s Tessari and has such big actors, I found it disappointing that so many scenes where obviously shot in Italian landscapes better suited for Fidani production: too much green.

I think the setting is quite ok, for me it hasn’t got the cheap italian rural look.

So, I actually like this flick, it’s no masterpiece, but it’s great fun watching it, and that’s pretty much.

As a comedy/action movie it’s ok, but as a western-spaghetti, I think it’s pretty average.

In my opinion there are too many resemblances with “The good, the bad and the ugly” (Tuco character, hidden gold, two parts of a secret,…).

So what? There are so many resemblances to so many movies in all the SWs, or at least most of them. That doesn’t bother me at all.

Yep, guess thats why I like them ;).

I like the stop-motion beginning with Gisela Hahn. Too bad she doesn’t appear in the rest of the movie. She should have played the Redgrave-part…

Ich stimme nicht zu. To see Eli Wallach playing such similar character is too much for me!

I guess, that’s why they hired him, to play such a role.

Maybe the problem is, that if you put a sombrero on Wallach’s head and a gun in his hand he automatically is a Tuco-like character…

I guess ;D