Locations (Arizona)

I’m in Arizona soon and I want to check out some locations. Can somebody name so exact place names (well of course Tombstone and Monument Valley etc) but maybe there are more?

Did you go to Arizona yet Seb? :slight_smile:

I AM in arizona.
but so far i haven’t gotten any time to visit locations, aside from a short trip to Sedona a few months back

anyone have any links as to filming locations? i plan to go out to four cornes the next couple of weeks to take pictures of the original locations. i need directions

just got back… FUCKING WOW

I bet it was beautiful to see Monument valley in the flesh!

I was in heaven in Almeria looking at various locations, but Monument valley, i bet you was lost for words with all the beautiful scenery :slight_smile:

Tell us all about it Sebastian. We are all waiting with baited breath!

it was gorgeous. took lots of pictures. i’ll post some next week.
even the landscape to and from monument valley is amazing already. i stopped at the grand canyon, too, but monument valley is great. took my little rental car down on the dirt road… took a picture from john ford’s favorite viewpoint, etc… great

Sounds awesome. I’m very jealous and am looking forward to seeing some of those pictures.

a little preview in the attachment. taken at John Ford’s Point

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Oh baby! That is fabulous. You are a lucky dog my man.

it’s a beautiful place. cant’ believe Tim and Co hosted a OUATITW Roadshow screening there without me knowing about it

MESCAL movie ranch is about 2 miles west of Benson, Arizona south of Tucson. It is part of Old Tucson Studios. Check the Old Tucson website to see if it will be open (it may be closed for filming). Cost is $8.00 and you will get a personal tour. Many westerns were filmed here including Tombstone, The Quick and the Dead, Tom Horn and many many more. Well worth checking out. I was there in March 2007 and will go back again when I get the chance.

SEDONA is about 30 miles south of Flagstaf and many westerns were filmed in this location. It is similar to Monument Valley in look. Also The Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix has been used in many films.

I can confirm that Sedona is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, especially if you enter the red rock valley from the north, coming from Flagstaff. The canyons are amazing. Monument Valley of course being my absolute favorite. I gotta post some more pictures

I live here and havent checked these places out…! What a waste… Although I have been in Apache junction and the scenery is amazing…

How about Monuement Valley, Tombstone, Sedona, or Jerome?

I love Jerome.

I’ve only been to Sedona and Tombstone…mostly just passing by…I feel I
waste living here…

monument valley to me was the best, although sedona is beautiful as well

Is the arch from Once Upon a Time in AZ…?