Locations (Arizona)

(korano) #21

Monuement Valley, kid :wink:

(Rififii) #22

Thought so…Jesus I live hours away…

(Sebastian) #23

yeah i been there and didnt know about the arch then :frowning:

(korano) #24

I don’t think its there anymore.

(Rififii) #25

In the Once upon a Time DVD it shows the then and now…It’s almost completely dilapidated…alas it is there…

(Tom B.) #26

Only the base of the arch is there. I was there in 2006 and the location is on the north side of Monument Valley on the Road to Medicine Hat. If you know what to look for you can see what’s left of it from the main road and can drive right up to the remians. It was made of paper mache and wood. Keep and eye open for snakes.

(retask) #27

Hey man, what about some more photos here? :wink:

(Rififii) #28

I was in Sonora recently, I was on a class field trip to the Grand Canyon and we passed through a place called Bear Creek Canyon (or something like that) it was so beautiful and pleasant and who could forget the bright red rocks gracing the area…

Too bad I forgot my camera…

(Richard--W) #29

I wasn’t on this board in 2007 when the thread was started, but next time someone is coming to Arizona, or the southwest states, email me. I’ve worked at many of the locations and know them well. If you need directions or a guide or are looking for places to shoot.


(Esmaeel Gharavi) #30

Pics are gone !!! :frowning:

(Esmaeel Gharavi) #31

Hey marshal, can you reupload the images?

(Sebastian) #32

Ok where do we find them or who has them? Lets reupload