List YOUR Top Favorite Spaghetti Westerns

So instead of listing the best of the best as we always do, I thought it would be fun to list your own personal favorites and maybe talk about why they’re your favorites. No limit on how many, just write them out!

Remember, quality doesn’t matter here! It’s what you enjoy that matters.


  1. Keoma,
  2. They Call Me Halleujah
  3. Face To Face
  4. Johnny Hamlet
  5. God Forgives I Don’t
  6. A Man Called Invincible
  7. The Specialists
  8. Massacre Time
  9. Death Sentence
  10. They Call Me Cemetery
  11. They Call Me Holy Ghost

(I didn’t find a similar topic, but if there is one and I just happened to miss it, let me know and I’ll delete this.)

Actually the forum’s Top 20 is about the personal favourites, or at least should be, though maybe not all contributors have understood that.

Yeah, my posted Big 20 and Alternative 20 are both based upon my personal preference already. I assumed everybody else’s would be, too. If you’ve submitted a Top 20 to the SWDB Top 20 thread based on any other criteria Nick you should maybe change it to reflect your personal preferences such as you’ve recorded here (you’ll need a full 20 though, of course).

Well I guess I’m one of those people who misunderstood as well. I always figured that the Top 20 were the ones we felt were the best in terms of quality. I never figured it was meant to be ranked in terms of personal preference.

Also, in my own humble opinion, should we really have the list based on our personal opinions? I know I’m a newbie compared to most everyone here, and I love the films that I put in the list above, but I wouldn’t put A Man Called Invincible on a list next to Once Upon a Time In The West. The top 20 should be the elite, the best the genre has to offer.

It is the elite. By popular consensus.

My personal favourite is also KEOMA, I love that movie to death, and the dark fantasy / apocalyptic elements are incredible. What did you think of the old woman that follows Keoma around?

What else than your personal preference? Another one’s preference?

If you have more fun watching A Man Called Invincible than OUTW, you should of course have put it above OUTW.

The big list should be about exiting films, not about boring films.

(it happens to be that for me OUTW is not only the most exiting Spag, but also the most entertaining and the most fun one)

You mean!..electrifying, exhilarating, hair-raising, heart-stopping, inspiring, intoxicating, etc, etc…:wink:


I always like to use the analogy of food.
If I were to list my top 20 foods celery would not be on it. I can accept that it is healthy and nutritious and good for me and that lots of other people like it. But the fact is I’d rather eat shoe leather and it ain’t going to get a look in compared to pork pies and pizza. Neither of which I can necessarily defend beyond the fact that I just like them.

Yes, the things I search for in films.

The Good The Bad and The Ugly
Fistful Of Dollars
Once Upon A Time In The West
For A Few Dollars More
God Forgives…I Don’t

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  1. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (as well as being my number one favourite movie ever)
  2. A Bullet for the General
  3. Ace High (Not perfect, but it’s an easy watch with a good story and characters)
  4. Train for Durango
  5. Don’t Turn the Other Cheek! (Not exactly a great film but it has charm)

So this thread is basically List a few from your own top 20? I don’t get it.

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Lists keep changing. Especially mine. Some SWesterns grow-on-me, or fade for one reason or another.

Right, I think I’m going to lock this thread up since it was created on an honest misunderstanding to begin with and only appears to be contributing confusion to the forum, and its subject matter is redundant since everybody is welcome - nay, actively encouraged - to select, list and discuss their own personal top 20 favourite spags HERE.

For clarity: We are not asking you to second-guess which movies you think might be considered classics by the wider community, we are simply asking for your twenty personal favourites, ranked in order. If you like God’s Gun more than you like Once Upon a Time in the West, that is your prerogative and we want to hear about it, loud and proud. There are no right or wrong answers, there are only your choices, your preferences; and you may alter those preferences as often as you decide you’ve had a change in heart. Personally, my own top 20 hasn’t shifted in the better part of three years, I think, but I’d be entitled to alter it five times a day if I wanted, as long as I kept @stanton informed by way of posting my top 20 to the Top 20 thread. All we ask is that your choices be spaghetti westerns, and that there be twenty of them.

Thank-you, gentlemen. :+1:

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