Light the Fuse … Sartana Is Coming / Una nuvola di polvere … un grido di morte … arriva Sartana (Giuliano Carnimeo, 1970)

(Dillinger) #41

Is this not only the best Sartana, but also the best Carnimeo in general?

(Stanton) #42


Best Sartanas are If you Meet S. … and Have a Good Funeral … . Best Carnimeos are They Call Me Hallelujah and Have a Good Funeral …

After these most likely Sartana is Coming and Moment to Kill.

(Dillinger) #43

You kill me, Stan!

Have a good funeral is my No.2 Sartana. I’m not a big fan of Hallelujah.

(Dillinger) #44

To add something, Stanton:

in your wonderful review of Have a Good Funeral you write, that “there seems to be no doubt that this is the entry with the best score”.

For me there is reason for doubt. I also like the Light the Fuse score better. It is even my ringtone! Sorry pal.

(Stanton) #45

Too bad. I’ll wait for you at the cinema exit …

(Dillinger) #46

Do your best on me!

(Stanton) #47

You won’t feel any pain

(Dillinger) #48

What a pleasant perspective.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #49

I think the best carnimeo is They Call Him Cemetery. Have a good funeral is Garko’s personal favorite. An arguement can be made for any of the official Sartana’s being the best sartana, they are all great!

(Dillinger) #50

I like Cemetery a lot, too. Unfortunately it has a rather cheap look…

(chuck connors brother) #51

I’d say Light the Fuse, Sartana Gravedigger, and Holy Ghost are his best

(Dillinger) #52

Haven’t seen Holy Ghost yet.

(chuck connors brother) #53

Yeah its grown on me, I even got the soundtrack. I didn’t like it at first because I wasn’t paying attention.

(Dillinger) #54

Why? Is the plot so complicated?

(chuck connors brother) #55

Yeah to some people

(Dillinger) #56

What kind of people?

(chuck connors brother) #57

Maybe people with ADD, tired people who can’t be bothered, others not in the mood for a western.

(Dillinger) #58

…dead people…

(Reverend Danite) #59

Holy Ghost is great. Tongue in cheek, rather silly - even corny at times, but stylish 8) with it. I wasn’t so sure the first time, but loved it second time around when I went with the flow. Funny at times, and yet quite brutal as a contrast. And it’s nowhere near the same kind of shit that passes off for humour :stuck_out_tongue: in that Trinity bollocks, I’m pleased to say.

(Silvanito) #60