Light the Fuse … Sartana Is Coming / Una nuvola di polvere … un grido di morte … arriva Sartana (Giuliano Carnimeo, 1970)

(Stanton) #21

The plot wasn’t complicated, only confused. But I can’t remember any understanding problems.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #22

In Gravedigger, I never figured out why they wanted the guy to scream at the end.

And the whole fake sartana thing was really confusing.

(Dillinger) #23

I can’t remember that… it’s my least favourite Garko-Sartana. I tried to rewatch it some time ago, but I did’n like its look, the strange camerawork with the camera falling over each time someone dies, everything looks so cheap…

(alk0) #24

I probably will get lynched for that, but the cheapest looking Sartana has to be the 1st one

(Dillinger) #25

Maybe we should make a list. on the left side there’s pray for your death and on the other one there’s angel of death. On each side we list cheap elements and in the end we can nominate the cheapest Sartana…

(scherpschutter) #26

Hi, my name is Sartana and I’m from … Poland!

I’m having a concert in the main street, it’s free :…_Sartana_is_coming_Review

(Phil H) #27

Nice review Scherps and pretty much sums up my feelings about the film.

It’s good fun throughout and I enjoyed it but the gadgets (Organ gun and little robot) went a step too far for me. It does have Nieves Navarro though so I am willing to make allowances.

(Dillinger) #28

Thank you Sherp! It is always a pleasure to read your reviews, very elaborate and eloquent.

Golden words from a man with a silver tongue :wink:

But my favourite Sartana flick only deserves reviews like this…

(I...I...Idiot) #29

Just finished watching this & liked it a lot. Don’t multi-task when you are watching this or you will get lost. Not as serious as the Dollari movies but not as light as Holy Ghost. Worth recommending & worthy of being on many ‘top’ lists.

(chuck connors brother) #30

Like all the Sartana films this gets better for me with each viewing.

(Dillinger) #31

I gave “I am Sartana your angel of death” several chances, it doesn’t get better…

(chuck connors brother) #32

For some reason I love that one the most

(harlock) #33

This was my first Sartana, and definitely not my last. The movie was highly enjoyable, and had many surprising parts. Wild Wild West, Italian style. Some of the zooms were a little distracting at first, but showing the placed dynamite and then zooming out to where Sartana was watching was very cool. The many double crosses and complicated (which is not to say it wasn’t understandable) plot increases the entertainment value. I also liked the “detective” angle (ie the crystalline sand). 4 stars out of 5.

BTW, Why no poll on this one?

(Spaghetti Monkey) #34

Because it is so close to perfection already ;D

(p.pereira) #35

I’ve got the spanish DVD (Impulso). I think it is a quite entertainment movie. The plot is sometimes confusing, but that its Carmineo style. The organ gadget its a little bit too much…

(Spaghetti Monkey) #36

Agreed, as i was watching this one i was thinking that it might be my favorite of the Carnimeo’s. Then out came the organ/cannon/gatling gun and it was a bit too much for me. Still a solid 6.5/10 for me.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #37

Add the organ to the list of SW weapons that would never work in real life.

(Phil H) #38

Not work?? You mean…??
All my illusions are shattered :’(

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #39

Sorry for ruining your fantasy LOL.

(davidf) #40

watched this last night and i haven’t seen many sartana films but if this is anything to go by they are pretty good!lots of action and as others have said never a dull moment .i like Garko and he is good here, i hear it’s a trademark of the series with the gadgets but i didn’t mind them here.very enjoyable. into the lower regions of my top 20 this goes.