Life Is Tough, Eh Providence? / La vita, a volte, è molto dura, vero Provvidenza? (Giulio Petroni, 1972)

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Just watched this one for the first time with my family. (My latest tactic in the ‘Get the kids to like westerns’ campaign).

Now, on the whole, I would not consider myself a big fan of comedy westerns. Especially of the italian variety. I like the Trinity films but that’s about as far as I go. But I enjoyed this one and found it genuinely funny. I know I am a paid up member of ‘the Milian Hordes’ as Chris Casey likes to call us but I really wasn’t expecting much from this. Especially after looking at the stills from the film with Milian looking like a bizzarre Chaplin type figure. But he carried it off really well and it made an excellent family choice. The kids really liked it and laughed out loud throughout.

What about the rest of you guys? Thumbs up or down?

I really like this film but i enjoy the sequel a lot more. :slight_smile:

I don’t have the sequel. Is it easily available?

Jerksi sells it.

:’( I am afraid that “comedy” films in general and “comedy” westerns especially are
very very LOW LOW “entertainment” for my liking/viewing and my scoring would be
extremely low for this one maybe a 2 /10.

If you want a comedy then do a total comedy but if you seek a SW then it should be
mean, tough, ruthless, nihilistic, brutal…no laughs needed or appreciated here.

Maybe a rare touch of minor humour but people like Bud Spencer/Terence Hill RUIN it 4 me , it just becomes a STUPID film not a western at all.

Unfunny and long-winded.

I have never purchased this one as Tomas Milian looks a complete arshole in the clips and trailers I have seen.

but he does it so well though, he knows it’s just for fun

got to be seen for Milian singing “Provy, provy providenza!” alone. :slight_smile:

I know what you mean. It put me off watching it for ages but, as Yodlaf said, he does it really well. I’m a big Milian fan but I wasn’t expecting him to be able to carry off the comedy thing at all. I was pleasantly surprised. You certainly have to approach it in a different way to a straight SW because it is really a family film at heart. But if you can do that it is worth a watch.

Nice to hear that Phil H’s kids enjoyed this one. I see PROVIDENCE basically as a kids’ show in western clothing, with some THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY bounty hunter business and SARTANA gadgets re-imagined as family entertainment. This is not criticism but as “children’s spaghetti westerns” go, I prefer BUDDY GOES WEST from Michele Lupo, I think that’s a more balanced and warm-hearted combination of the classic SW styles (visual, musical, acting) with farce & play-it-safe action. I’ve watched PROVIDENCE a couple of times and tried to enjoy, but it has remained a curiosity that makes me say “I’m too old for this”. I was happier with the sequel and its WILD WILD WEST type huge gadgetry.

The concept of Milian emulating Charles Chaplin is promising (I find the comedy parts of RUN, MAN, RUN very much like Chaplin), but often has the taste of image-concious toying. The funny accent and occasional bursting into song makes me wish he’d switch into silent movie acting… :wink:

Milian’s silly performance is the best thing on this messy film, also his best of all his SWs between Run Man Run and 4 of the Apocalypse.

And Petroni’s direction is only routine, like in all of his westerns.

Liked a lot!!! Specially the music, great


2nd chance for Provvidenza.

For being a comedy the main question still is, is it funny or not?

Ehem, can’t say that I followed Phil’s kids on their laugh-out-loud path, but contrary to my first viewing it made me often smile.
It was pleasant enough to watch, only a tiny bit boring here and there. Obviously Tomas, who doesn’t look like Tomas, enjoyed himself very much in being Provvidenza, so that this is, believe it or not, one of his best SW roles.

Petroni is probably not a great talent in the comedy business, as he does not have the timing of E.B. Clucher, but he directs with all the routine of a solid working craftsman, making this one of the best looking SW comedies. Only when he tries to do some physical slapstick a la Tom & Jerry the film has a few realyl silly moments.

It was Petroni’s first western soleyly shot in Italy, but at least the not so impressive landscapes don’t look as cheap as in so many other SWs.

Nice score by maestro Morricone for this likable film.


I have this film on a 2-DVD Set with 8 films.
Watched it recently and found it quite enjoyable.
But I like the Hill/Spencer Comedies or “serious” SW more.

A very silly but somehow funny movie. Tomas Milian was overacting as Charlie Chaplin Bounty Hunter. The Title song of Morricone was great as ever and extremly excessive as most of the music in Providenza!. I liked it and some scene made me smile. IMO not as good as the Trinity Movies but one of the movies you can watch on a rainy afternoon. :wink:

I’ve watch this one last night. I guess it is sometimes funny with a decent amount of fistfight but since I’m not that fan of Chaplin’s movies I found it boring. Some people are referring the sequel as superior than this one which means I’ll give it a try one of these days.

Much superior in every respect

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Great. Thank you.

Actually I prefer this one.

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I’m with you Phil. I rather like the first film and I dislike the sequel.

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