Libro: Matalo! (Silvio Giobbio, Marco Morosini)


New “dizionario dei film western italiani,” titled Matalo!, published by Bloodbuster:

I picked up that information on the French Western Movies forum (posted by user L, who runs a fabulous blog, Mon nom est Personne : les images du western spaghetti, a veritable treasure trove).

(Mark) #2

Good to see a reissue and that is a very cool site.


A reissue? You mean of Marco Giusti’s Dizionario del western all’italiana? No, it’s a new book. – Overview of Italian publications on Spaghetti Westerns: Vamos a matar, compañeros! blog.

(Mark) #4

I thought I had read on that link to “L” that it was. He mentions it anyway. Happy to be mistaken if there’s anything in there that appeals to non-Italiano readers.

(Novecento) #5

I wonder how it will compare to Giusti which will be hard to beat.


Yes: “A défaut (?) d’une réédition du Marco Giusti,” for lack of a reissue.

Definitely. Giusti: 700 pages, Giobbio, Morosini: 384 pages.