Dizionario Del Western All'Italiana (Marco Giusti 2007)

(Phil H) #1

I picked up this book while I was in Venice. It seems to be a brand new release and seeing as though it is a heavy 700 page mother I figured it was worth the 18 euros price tag just to avoid paying postage if I bought it online. It is obviously in Italian, which is somewhat of a drawback for someone like me, but as it is set out as a dictionary of the films it is primarily a resource with cast lists, key personel, dates etc so I can make sense of most of it. It also has other articles and stuff which I will have to work on translating but on the whole it looks pretty good. If nothing else it should be useful as a cross referencing tool to try and avoid posting errors on this site gleaned from other books.

I’ll give an update when I have had a chance to look it over more thoroughly.

If anyone is interested, it is published in Milan by Oscar Mondadori.

Libro: Matalo! (Silvio Giobbio, Marco Morosini)
(Søren) #2

This is the one: http://www.shop.it/offerta-983811/acquisti-Libri-Sport_e_Spettacolo/dizionario-del-western-all-italiana.html

Do tell Phil, if its worth the money for a non-Italian speaking/reading person…! Also, is it just text or is it also (heavily) illustrated?

(Phil H) #3

Absolutely no pictures I’m afraid mate :frowning:
I promise to let you know what I think of it as soon as I have had a proper chance to go through it.

(Stanton) #4

Hey Phil, does your book include precise running times of all the SWs?

I don’t know where Bruckner had got his dates from, but there are too much errors, so it’s not reliable enough for me.

(Phil H) #5

It has running times but I don’t know how precise the are.

(Stanton) #6

Well, they should be, in an italian book, if it tries to be accurate.