Let’s Go and Kill Sartana / Vamos a matar Sartana / Demasiados muertos para Tex (Mario Pinzauti, George Martin, 1971)


Uber-rare SW that re-uses Fidani music (!) and stars the usual bunch of Fidani’s actors (or at least Gordon Mitchell). Therefore, the film seems also uber Fidanish. Here’s a trailer:

So, anyone seen?

Nope! Well I’d have said that without a doubt, and I checked my list and it ain’t there … but then I watched the youtube clip and I’m sure I’ve seen that stoooopid backflippy bit before :-? So, either I’ve seen this clip before, or it’s in some other dumb-ass sw maybe?

Haven’t seen it either, but I see that Chris Huerta is on the cast and generally I don’t trust spaghettis with Chris Huerta on the cast.

No, I don’t think so, at least it doesn’t seem familiar to me so I reckon you’ve seen the clip.

Looks horrible, so my cup of tea 8)

Not much to be found regarding this film, but came across this:

This must be the first time NONE of my fav places to look for rare SWs I’m looking for didn’t have a rare SW I’m looking for!

By the way BL, that’s Richard Harrison isn’t it? But good job with finding the poster anyhow!

number 1. on my want-list but I’ve never heard of anyone ever seeing this film. Naushad was about to release this years ago but unfortunately that never happened. But at least he had the print so maybe someday…

There is one more SW that`s also impossible to find: Chrysanthemums For A Bunch Of Swine 1968.
dir: Sergio Pastore


Never heard of that one!

Think i’ve already posted before that this is one i’ve been after for years! (And it’s the only George Martin one i don’t have :P)

Thanks Lindberg for the trailer though…never even seen that before!

[quote=“tomobea, post:8, topic:2152”]Chrysanthemums For A Bunch Of Swine 1968.[/quote]What a great title!

I agree!!! almost as good as the Fidani-film titles.


The two titles mentioned here are the rarest spaghetti westerns. Period. They are completely unreleased. There might be one more, I Fantasmi di Omah-Ri, supposed to be directed by Amasi Damiani and starring Richard Harrison.

It sure is unfortunate Naushad has no plans to release Vamos a Matar Sartana. He may be the only one right now who’s in posession of a print. Except for some Italian or Spanish movie company, where it’s stashed away in a cellar and completely forgotten. I suppose Naushad even has an English dub.

Truth be told, the only reason these movies are so interesting is probably the fact that we simply have no way of watching them.

Well said brother!

I red on an Italian forum that this Western maybee even not beeing filmed??? I Fantasmi di Omah-Ri


Or prehaps it wheren’t finished and then forgotten?

It needs some effoert to imagine how a movie with such a title would end up being a spaghetti western.

Yes it’s a strange title. It translates to ‘The Ghosts of Omah-Ri.’ The BFI has an entry, but it contains almost zero info, just the director and production company.


Also, it’s listed in this Italian movie database as part of Richard Harrison’s filmography, with 4 other spaghetti westerns Harrison did that same year.


It seems the director had a hard time getting his movies released at all. Una Forca per un Bastardo or Tara Poki aren’t exactly well-circulated. Apparantly he also directed Karin Schubert’s first movie, La facocera (1967), and again this is a lost movie. It’s listed as unreleased somewhere.

So yes, looking for I Fantasmi is probably just a wild goose chase.

Seems like a job for this forum.

Either way I’ve yet to watch so many spagies that questions like if vamos a matar will be released some day or if i fantasi actually exists don’t bother me at all.