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I’ve now re-watched and re-evaluated all Sartanas. I watched them in reversed order of preference this time, starting with the least beloved (at least in my memory). As a result I watched this one - the first - last. The order of preference hasn’t changed much: the first one is still my favorite Sartana.

It’s not a perfect movie; it has a rather ugly look, even for a low-budget production, but of all Sartanas, this one offers the most exciting mix of comedy and violence, and it also has the best supporting cast: Kinski, Berger, Sancho, Chaplin (well, Sidney, not Charlie) …

So my Top 5 is:

  1. Se incontri Sartana prega per la tua morte (Parolini - Garko)
  2. Buon Funerale Amigos, Paga Sartana! (Carnimeo-Garko)
  3. Una Nuvola di Polvere… un Grido di Morte… Arriva Sartana! (Carnimeo-Garko)
  4. C’è Sartana vendi la pistola e comprati la bara (Carnimeo-Hilton)
  5. Sono Sartana il vostro becchino (Carnimeo-Garko)

Working on a SARTANA SPECIAL, so more Sartana coming up soon

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First time I saw these films I had some trouble stomaching them, and I have been avoiding them since, until your series of reviews made me take another look. My stomach troubles didn’t exactly go away. But I have come to think a lot more of the first one, and I agree it’s the best of them. I have my objections against it as everybody else. In particular I’m not happy with the joking with Sartana’s gun. I don’t know if it is a Derringer like you say in your review, it might have been. But we get a real close look at the pistol’s chamber in the opening scene.

It seems it doesn’t have a rotating chamber at all, like some multi barrel handguns had. We can clearly see the chambers and the barrels are in one piece. Probably this gun was fired by means of a rotating pin. You cannot simply put a cylinder into a gun like this, as is done in in the final scene.

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Same for me. First two are probably equal.

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Well, it wouldn’t work in real life (like Sartana himself, most probably)

I don’t think these things were meant to be taken seriously, they were gimmicks. In the final movie we get a organ used as a batttle station and a a miniature robot that can be programmed to kill. That was a bit over the top as far as I’m concerned, but I can understand that others have problems with this Derringer (think only of its reach and precision)

Derringer yes or no? No idea actually.

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New article:

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One SW leads to another. Watching Boccia’s Sapevano Solo Uccidere made me want to rewatch Kill the Wickeds. Working on both movies’ reviews, I also felt like rewatching MATALO!

What it strange movie it was, and what a strange movie it is. Was everybody under the influence, like some have suggested? I don’t know. I still like the movie, to a certain degree. Basic shortcomings are a weak finale (hits the movie like a boomerang) and those over-the-top camera-movements that eventually get on your nerves. I still like the weird look and that lady with the knife

The review has also been given a facelift:!_Review

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The other day I added the movie Posate le pistole reverendo to the Comedy category, but oddly I can see the change only when logged in. How come?

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Same here. I can see it in Chrome (logged in), but not in IE (not logged in)

No idea what causes this

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That’s a caching issue. I will look into it

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Who wants to help restore/revise/update this easter egg I just found?

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Dug out this under construction mini review of mine, just fixed a few things

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The title of this topic could use a little editing, too: “contibutions.” :relaxed:

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Geez, has this really been misspelt for almost 10 years before anyone noticing?

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A full blown new essay on Tuco by @divy

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Any thoughts on the origin of the name?

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I don’t know who the person is deleting information from the VHS releases (such as the name of the distributor), probably because he’s anally fixated on his own formatting, but it’s really annoying. Instead of more information -a good thing, no?- there is now less information. I can’t be bothered to change all that stuff back manually. The person should cease what he’s doing, in my opinion.

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Can’t you see in ‘history’ who did this?

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Or can’t you undo the changes? And restore your version?

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I think that’s possible, yes. It was done a couple of times when an uninvited guest had ruined a few pages

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Minor corrections and a number of additions to the Buckaroo page: actors, parts (not yet completed), categories and title song

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