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(carlos) #1621

Are we to accept that this actor is Alberigo Donadeo rather than Ettore Arena as discussed here:[/url]

and here:


If so I’ll revise those entries in the DB that I can confirm refer to this actor and not to the younger actor said to be Fortunato’s son.

Of course the question still remains; did Fortunato have an actor brother named Ettore and did he appear as credited in Blood at Sundown?
uhmm :slight_smile:

(carlos) #1622

As Phil and others have mentioned some of the cast lists in the Database leave something to be desired. When the editors notice an error we can rectify it. As you know many of these supporting players appeared in other genre films so … Why not do a gallery of players? Maybe a screenshot would strike a chord or just be helpful to ones wishing to identify an unknown actor.

I just watched one of the better Fidani, Jeff Cameron collaborations and there is a credits page already so I modified it with a gallery using files already present and added a few from the movie as an incomplete example.

Check it out here:…_%C3%A8_l%27ombra_della_tua_morte/Credits

Most films, even the Leones, have some problems. This would be quite an enterprise but might be worthwhile for those films available in decent quality. Any opinions, comments on whether this would be helpful, content, etc?

(scherpschutter) #1623

I think we have a gallery of players, I remember Bill San Antonio has been working on one. Can’t find the page at the moment.

(Sebastian) #1624

good idea improving the cast and credits pages. doesnt always have to be elaborate, with screenshots and stuff, but we definitely need to get better at it.

(carlos) #1625

OK, I’ll take that as a mild endorsement, sort of :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think there is a very old thread somewhere asking about an unidentified actor.

(Sebastian) #1626

To revive this topic, the latest contribution is a review of A Town Called Bastard by the honorable Mr. @morgan

(scherpschutter) #1627

Good work by @morgan

I haven’t seen the movie in years. I then watched it on French TV, if I’m not mistaken, a truncated version and French audio. I have a copy from cinemageddon, but haven’t watched it yet. Don’t know what the differences with this new release could be.

(Sebastian) #1628

Also for those that might have missed it

A books list for newcomers’s_Demise

Redesigned catalogs

(Novecento) #1629

I would love to see all those remaining Western all’italiana issues uploaded. There’s some great stuff in them.

By the way the links to the ones that were already uploaded no longer work:…_All’Italiana!

(Sebastian) #1630

I shall get to that at one point. I take all the blame. @Tom_B sent them all to me but even though I finally found an easy way to do it (technically), I just haven’t gotten around to it. Let me put those somewhere in sight or where I can physically stumble over them as a reminder :wink:

(carlos) #1631

Well I think we have the Eurowestern (Italy, Spain etc) main pages mostly updated to the new format. If anyone finds any still with the table format, let me know and I will fix it. As to the Mexican category, anyone who wants to tackle that, go for it :slight_smile:

(scherpschutter) #1632

50th Anniversary FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE

Half a century ago, shortly before Christmas 1965, the second part in what is now called The Dollar trilogy saw the light

For the occasion I re-watched and re-studied the movie, its genesis and the history of some of its paraphernalia

Part I: For a Few dollars More - The Review

(scherpschutter) #1633

50 years of FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE also means:

  • 50 years of an incredible score by Ennio Morricone
  • 50 years of that Miracle in the desert created by Carlo Simi: El Paso

Real all about their work in For a Few Dollars More - Part II: Sound & Look:

(scherpschutter) #1634

I finally reviewed the minor classic MY NAME IS PECOS, the first of two spaghs starring ROBERT WOODS as the Mexican gunslinger PECOS

(ENNIOO) #1635

Liking that poster :sunglasses:

(scherpschutter) #1636

The one on this page? It’s a Belgian poster, bi-lingual and a drawing (or painting). They are kinda special, if only for these two titles, one French, the other Dutch. In Brussels everything has two names, streets, market places, buildings, offices, etc. Often there’s a conflict of word order. In this title particular the word order isn’t different, but usually it is. Street is in Dutch ‘straat’, in French ‘rue’, but in Dutch the group of words determining the noun, usually comes before the noun, in French it usually follows the noun. This has led to street signs such as:

You can have a lot of fun reading street signs in Brussels

(ENNIOO) #1637

Yes thats the one :smile: .

(Phil H) #1638

Howard Hughes has submitted a review of the Arrow release of Requiescant which I have just poted up on the site here:'_Requiescant_DVD_Review_(Arrow_Release)

(scherpschutter) #1639

The nicest guy in the business, robert woods, plays the villain for once (it makes Fernando laugh):



(Sebastian) #1640

And hot on your heels, @Djangoisme with THE LAST TOMAHAWK