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(scherpschutter) #1661

I had not watched this movie in years. It was better than I thought it was. It’s of course no match for the real thing, but it’s an enjoyable revenge western with a few twists:


(Asa) #1662

The closest thing imho to a proper Django sequel, and that includes the proper Django sequel.

(scherpschutter) #1663

The proper Django sequel, yes … how could Nero ever …

(JonathanCorbett) #1664

Something has to be done about “Blackbeard” (unknown background actor) too, deleting from the Database any reference to Elio Angelucci with the exception of Carnimeo’s Fuori uno sotto un altro, arriva il Passatore, in which the Italian stage actor, regularly credited, plays Anguillone.

(JonathanCorbett) #1665

I will edit the Database myself, but I don’t know what to write in place of Angelucci. What do you think?

(scherpschutter) #1666

No idea …

(JonathanCorbett) #1667

I got an idea: I could just delete him from the Database and at the same time start a new Forum topic in the Town Hall category to identify him, listing in the first post his SW filmography (including roles) in order to preserve it. Obviously, all will be restored when we know his identity.

(scherpschutter) #1668


(scherpschutter) #1669

Not the greatest of movies, but it has a wonderful title (both in English and Italian!) and you also get some Biblical training!

(Bad Lieutenant) #1670

“Cruxifiction”. Hahaha.

(scherpschutter) #1671

I was only testing you :wink:

(JonathanCorbett) #1672

Wrong place (movie) for the recently uploaded Holy Ghost poster… :wink:

(JonathanCorbett) #1673

The problem is still there, when I’m not logged in the Comedy category obstinately shows an older version (even though this time Posate le pistole is included) with Fuori uno sotto un altro arriva il Passatore, Il sogno di Zorro, Il terrore del Oklahoma and so on…

(Sebastian) #1674

Cannot replicate. Could be a caching issue. Try a hard refresh in your browser

(JonathanCorbett) #1675

That’s not possible, this has been going on for several months now: it shows the three above-mentioned films and others removed a long time ago and not the one I just added last Friday (, e così divennero i tre supermen del West)!

As I said before, no problem when I’m logged in…

(Asa) #1676

Yes, when I’m logged in, that page shows e cosi divennero i tre supermen del west. When I log out, it’s gone.

Logged in:

Logged out:

(Sebastian) #1677

Yes but now i edited that page, which flushes the cache, and now you should see it logged in and out. Can you confirm? I know this sucks, I just havent figured out how to fix it yet, maybe set a lower expiration date for these pages. They rarely change, so they stay old, just the categorizations change but they dont trigger a flushing of the html cache of that page it seems… hm

(Asa) #1678

Yep, I’m now seeing it logged in AND logged out.

(JonathanCorbett) #1679

Now everything is okay, thanks!

I’m sure that a good solution will be found.

(scherpschutter) #1680

A detected a new review (not by me) on the Main page:

Haven’t seen the film yet, think I have a copy

I didn’t know the expression ‘kark it’ so I looked it up (on wiktionary it’s spelled cark it):