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(ENNIOO) #1601

Nice work John !

(Keep Your Head Down) #1602

Great article, John. The only film of his I’ve seen is “Cemetary Without Crosses”, which I’ve watched as often as any other SW in the past few years. I had no idea he had made so many films…will be trying to find a few thanks to your writing about him…

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1603

Holy shit that was awesome JW.

(John Welles) #1604

Best endorsement ever Col.

Thanks everyone for your praise - it makes the four months(!) it took to write (and the re-write after I lost over half of it to a computer virus) worth it.

(Mickey13) #1605

How many films of Hossein have you watched and what are your favorite ones, John? Just curious, but I guess you must have seen some of them (apart from Le Goût de la violence and Cimitero senza croci) which is already quite laborious.

(I love you M.E. Kay) #1606

Good stuff John!

(John Welles) #1607

Only his two Westerns so far. The films he directed are very hard to get in English-friendly editions - films he acted in are easy though: movies like Rififi, the Angélique series and so on.

(Phil H) #1608

The author Howard Hughes has kindly contributed his Top 20 to the site.

You can check it out here:'_Top_20

Some predictable choices of course but a couple not quite so and at least one major omission.
He also added an ‘alternative 20’ too, just for good measure so plenty to peruse.

(ENNIOO) #1609

Interesting list and on the whole not predictable in the order of the list.

(I love you M.E. Kay) #1610


(Mickey13) #1611

Some choices are hugely eerie, but it always fun to see a new Top 20.

(John Welles) #1612

In many ways, a very eclectic list, with The Hills Run Red in and Once Upon a Time in the West out, but it is all the more fun to read it becuase of that unpredictability.

(Stanton) #1613

Not a surprise the list as it reflects exactly the 20 choices for his fine SW book. Only that he creates space for Cemetery without Crosses (a SW he hadn’t seen when he wrote the book) by “cheating” with the 2 Ringos.

(scherpschutter) #1614

I understand virtually all of his choices, even The Hellbenders, but The Hills run Red is puzzling me, by all means a rather mediocre effort.

Well, personally I can’t imagine how anybody would want to leave Once Upon a Time in the West out, but I’ve learned to live with the idea that some people don’t like the movie.

(chameleon) #1615

I can understand his choice on The Hills Run Red because I happen to like the film myself. But by all means, it’s not a top 20 film, whatever.

(Mickey13) #1616

I’ve always considered The Hills Run Red to be one of my least favorite spaghetti westerns. It does not feel like a spaghetti at all - more like a generic and cheap American western.

(Stanton) #1617

Well, it is not worse than The Hellbenders.

(Mickey13) #1618

I don’t claim that The Hills Run Red is a bad flick, but I just don’t like it. I find The Hellbenders not too bad though.

(scherpschutter) #1619

And some may have noticed, we have dedicated a MINI SPECIAL to the rather obscure [size=12pt]PRAY TO GOD AND DIG YOUR GRAVE[/size], starring Robert Woods:

Once again it’s a collective effort:
Texts by Scherpschutter, art work by Dicfish, interview by Phil H


(Marvin W. Bronson) #1620

I read that. As usual, good stuff!