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(Stanton) #1561

I’m sure that Veltroni guy never “named all directors Morricone ever worked with”, but only a few (the usual few?) of the best known.
He would have needed the whole evening to name them all.

(Novecento) #1562

That’s an interesting point. The only exception is Tepepa which has a great score. I’d also definitely agree with Petroni that it’s his best film too (at least of what I’ve seen).

(scherpschutter) #1563

I like the sore to death Rides a Horse too, but it’s an unusual one, and it takes some time to be able to fully enjoy it
It fits the atmosphere of the movie very well, by the way

As far as his films are concerned, it’s a close finish between Death Rides a Horse and Tepepa
I rewatched the first hour of Tepepa last night; it’s a more complicated, more ‘meaningful’ film than Death Rides a Horse, but some of the comic relief doesn’t really work. There’s also a bit too much of this ‘le gusta Mexico, señor?’, as if to prepare the viewer over and over again for that final scene (I guess this is the Solinas factor). Death Rides a Horse is more straightforward, more a mood piece/character study, and certainly not a political treaty, and the style is more coherent. The final part (The magnifecent Two & the Mexican village) is a bit different from the rest, but this doesn’t really hurt the movie.

(Stanton) #1564

I remember a few disharmonious motives for some riding scenes, apart from there wasn’t anything in the score of DRAH I can remember. But I mostly don’t pay too much attention to the scores.

Tepepa is surely more or less a Solinas film. It is lavishly filmed, but it lacks any exceptional material as Damiani was able to provide for the best scenes of Quien sabe?.

I was never able to spot much mood in DRAH, nore do I think it is a character study. The characters are imo only typical stereotyped SW characters which are lacking any depth, which is not a problem for any SWs, except for the few which try to be some type of drame. But as DRAH is only a straightforward revenger I never suspected it to be such.
And the directing is for me only so so with nothing to get excited about in it. (Maybe I mentioned that somewhere before :wink: )

Funny is that Petroni dismisses the 2nd Provvidenza which is in any respect the far superior film. An almost surreal comedy filled with stunning visuals and lots of highly enjoyable “everything goes” ideas.

(I love you M.E. Kay) #1565

I actually agree with Petroni, I though I was going to like Here We Go Again, Eh Providence? a lot more than Life Is Tough, Eh Providence? especially after reading the appetizing comments on the forum, but… for me it was a massive bore, lots of interesting ideas wasted and filled with lame jokes that went on for ever. I enjoyed Milian’s performance in the first one, but in Here We Go Again, Eh Providence? he went even more over-the-top and that’s not a good thing when the character already is (“Milian needs a director who is able to control him”, indeed). I’d take the original over the sequel any day.

(Stanton) #1566

Well, the 2nd had a lot of ideas, weird they may be, but at least ideas, and for me it was great fun, but it wasn’t a particularly funny film.
But the first one wasn’t funny either, and the silly attempts at slapstick were a bit painful to watch. But also all in all not a bad film, thanks mostly to Milians over the top acting, which was for both films more suited than for most of his earlier westerns.
Frankly said, I have no clue why Petroni made it. He ain’t a comedy director, and this is just another SW comedy which needs a Clucher to make the fun work.

(scherpschutter) #1567

I think Petroni made it because everybody was making comedy westerns by this time
I can imagine that things went like he describes them in the interview: they had no workable script, so a lot was invented and/or improvised on the set. I didn’t like it all when I watched it, years ago.

(John Welles) #1568

The new Django Kill! review is up:

(scherpschutter) #1569

It has become a very fine review, John.

Great work by dicfish too.

(dicfish) #1570

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #1571

cool stuff

(scherpschutter) #1572

Apparently a new reviewer - or at least his work - hit the database:,_A_Second_to_Die_review_2

I need to see the movie again, preferably in a better, and longer version than the one I have

(Sebastian) #1573

it was an email submission, nice short review. reminds me that i should rewatch it someday, as well

(scherpschutter) #1574

A new world in the morning (or a least a new reviewer),

Bawtyshouse on The Moment to Kill :


(scherpschutter) #1575

Is this a western, or is it the Son of Navajo Joe?



(Lode) #1576

Day of Anger (Der Tod ritt dienstags) German DVD review is online:

(scherpschutter) #1577

Stunning, the Dutch Express keeps on running:


(Lode) #1578

I created the Argent Films DVD catalog due to the release of Django in the UK. Here we go:

(John Welles) #1579

New up, an article on the politics of Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Westerns:


(scherpschutter) #1580

I’ll read that tomorrow John (I’m a bit sick and having a terrible headache at the moment), and will tell you my feelings, of course