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And now for something completely different:


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Jesus, Scherp … you are really wading through all the muddy shoals of modern life.
Brave, damn brave …

You know much, much more about our Freddy than I ever have forgotten.

(scherpschutter) #1543

Would you believe it: when I was a boy I was a fan, I must still have a few singles

Like I said, he wasn’t a real star in Holland, but most people knew who he was

I learned a lot about him last week, by roaming the internet for information
Funny, but I never knew he was Austrian. When I watched this film, I noticed he still has an Austrian ‘ch’

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A all brave new world to me, excerpt for Caterina Valente

(Stanton) #1545

It’s all about true grit …

(scherpschutter) #1546

As a good christian you should now she’s the sister of Deo Volente and the niece of Gian-Maria Volonte

By the way: never heard of The Beatles overthere in Portugal?

(El Topo) #1547

No idea must have skipped the catechism class that Saturday, but God has his own mysterious ways :wink:

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Well like good Brits they were only here for holidays in Algarve, but Paul even wrote a song (after a few drinks) about the place he was in called Penina (near Portimão)

Here it is song by the man itself

Here the Portuguese version singed by Carlos Mendes to whom the song was given by Paul

It’s considered the most obscure song from the Beatles

(scherpschutter) #1549

Like Quinn’s Austrian origins: never heard of it before
Are you sure he wrote this after a few drinks?

(El Topo) #1550

Yes the story goes that Paul was in the Hotel in Penina ( taking a break form the Get back recordings at the time) and a band was playing in the Hotel (the band menbers are all known people in Portugal )so a little twisted he join in to make a jam and end up writing the song then, he tried to use it in a Beatles Album but they didn’t considered too good so he ended up in 1976 I think giving to this guy Mendes who is a famous singer and had a band in sixties heavily influence by the Beatles The Sheiks, of course bands back then didn’t last much cause the members all end up doing military service in Africa (or running to France).

Here’s a song from the Sheiks Missing You
Funny enough more Beach boys influenced

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Something completely different this time around, an interview with director Giulio Petroni by his nephew:


It’s a very interesting interview with the grumpy old man, who talks about his movies, his colleagues and his actors, and not always in favourable terms

For the occasion I’ve revised the review of what visitors of this site think is his best western:


(Stanton) #1552

Great interview. Thanks for doing the work, Scherps.

(At least I know why Petroni wasn’t named in Morricone articles ;))

(I love you M.E. Kay) #1553

Thanks for the translation! Really informative interview, but I don’t quite understand the bit about not being named as one of the directors who worked with Morricone. Is it a question of politics?

(Phil H) #1554

Yes, thanks for the translation Scherps. Makes very interesting reading.

(scherpschutter) #1555

I suppose so, Stanton knows more

Stanton …

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That is one shirt that stands out.

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The man thinks the same as I about KIll Bill :slight_smile:

(Stanton) #1558

Don’t think it has something to do with politics. In the end Morricone has made so many scores, and has worked with do many famous directors that if examples are given always the “big” ones named. I’m not even sure if Corbucci was named for such occasions.

And then I think the scores Petroni got are less good and less recognizable than other Morricone works. In the SWs Leone got the best from Ennio, than Corbucci (except for the last 2 which are pretty simple and repetitive soundtracks), than Sollima, than the rest.

Another reason is that Petroni isn’t mentioned for the same reason he isn’t mentioned in most books and articles about the western or the SW I have read.
Apart from the inner circle of SW fans nobody has ever heard of Petroni. But that applies also to many other SW directors. So he is in good company.

(I love you M.E. Kay) #1559

Ah, ok! I guess I made a connection were there wasn’t one.

(scherpschutter) #1560

Well, I’lm not sure. I made the same connection, but haven’t found any proof of Petroni being involved in (rightwing) politics
Many former left-wing artists have turned to right-wing politics in the last decade(s) and it could have been a reason for Veltroni to neglect Petroni in his speech