Last Year In Movies

So last year I’ve seen 144 films, which is around 30 movies less than previous year.

Of that, only 12 on big screen, of that 4 or 5 were animated ones which I’ve seen with kids.

5 best movies I’ve seen in 2016 for the first time:

Best movie FROM 2016 I’ve seen so far is obviously quirky adventure comedy from New Zealand Hunt for the Wilderpeople (I recommend it to everyone).

Worst thing I’ve seen this year (man, that was a waste of time which I’ll never get back):

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I’ve only seen one of these, ‘Slow West’, with Michael Fassbender…I enjoyed it.

I don’t mind admitting that I was rather taken with that gorgeous lady on the cover of ‘Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven’…

Checking it out on ‘IMDB’, I’m hacked off to find that the said brunette beauty, Svetlana Toma, was born on March 24, 1947 in Kishinyov, USSR as Svetlana Andreevna Toma; and that the film was made in 1976! Blimmin’ 'eck!

Anyhow, I’ll look out for this title…

I need to do more of this. Not watching movies, I do plenty of that, but logging how many/which films I’ve watched. God knows there is enough scope to do so, on Letterboxd or right here on our “The Last Movie You Watched” thread. But whenever a thread like this rolls around I look at what little I’ve logged and I think, hang on, I’ve only seen five f*cking movies this year? Ooh, that doesn’t sound right… :smile:

Yes, this is the most convenient and quickest way to lead personal movie diary I’ve found. This number, it was right there, I didn’t have to count :slight_smile:
Diary is the main reason I have an account on that page. And it looks pretty.

[quote=“last.caress, post:4, topic:4157”]
I need to do more of this. Not watching movies, I do plenty of that, but logging how many/which films I’ve watched. God knows there is enough scope to do so

I have always had a system, whereby I have a piece of paper inside every dvd/bluray, with the day and date written down…
To follow this up, I have been marking down every film I watch (and have been doing so since 1994), which - in its own way, is a diary of sorts…

I have so many films on dvd/bluray, that I’d be lost without keeping a track of everything…

Sounds very similar to my own system…

I watched 398. I kid you not

398 for all? Cinema, TV, Home Video

I never watched so few films like last year, since my childhood. I simply don’t have the time anymore, I’m often too exhausted even if I have some spare time.

About 10 films in cinema, I can’t believe that. And there were many (probably) wonderful films I wanted to watch. I even missed the new films of some my favourite modern directors.

Yes total. For me it’s not so important how I see it, but I could actually tag them which to see the percentage. Most films are DVD/BluRay though.

I’d say I saw approx. 200, could be a bit more, all viewed at home. Haven’t been to cinema since Prometheus (2012). Favorite for the year 2016 it’s definitely O.J.: Made In America.

We should all post our Letterboxd, imdb etc profile links for those interested in following other folks’ ratings and such

I barely touch my letterboxd one anymore other than to noodle a little with my lists, and I only really use the IMDb one as an online DVD and Blu-Ray list but maybe putting them up here will encourage me to log the films I’m watching properly.

Caress, we have 60% match in ratings on IMDB, but don’t get me started on the stuff where we do not match! :wink:

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I suspect I may have slightly gone over your total, of 398, Seb.

In 2016, I watched 453.

I would really like to watch at least one movie a day but I’m only averaging something like 25 a month, so 300 a year.

There simply isn’t enough hours per day and most of them are already ‘taken’ for other purposes.

Found an old list of mine and can se that I’ve seen 1700 new movies in the last 5 years so 340 new movies a year. As I’m certainly watching more movies now than I did 5 years ago the number is probably closer to 400 watched last year. Oh well.

Yeah, I’d recommend that one too. Fun little film.

Of the five you list I saw Stio Making Sense back when it came out (very good but then I was always a Talking Heads fan) and Slow West I saw at the movies and liked. Interesting that 2 of your five were shot in New Zealand.

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On Letterboxd:
Also have cool lists, for example this one or this one or and of one I found

On Icheckmovies: and here check out this list or this they used to have an SWDb list, but I can’t seem to find it.

On IMDb:

On Moviepilot Germany:

Some more personal statistics for 2016:

Number of movies I saw in 2016 by selected genres:

  • western = 25
  • comedy = 22
  • animation = 5
  • horror = 27
  • music = 9
  • SF = 10
  • thriller = 59
  • war = 6

So, thriller is predictable runaway winner, but I like pretty even division between western, horror and comedy. I should watch more SF and animation since I love both.

Best not seen before westerns:

  • Slow West
  • 3:10 to Yuma (original)
  • The Revenant
  • Little Big Man
  • The Tall T
  • Comanche Station

Spaghetti westerns I saw in 2016:

Neither of them much of a favourite.

And 2 rewatches: