Last Year In Movies

(titoli) #21

I’ve seen 151 movie in 2017, 7 more than 2016, 22 less than 2015. By selected genres:

  • western = 14
  • comedy = 24
  • animation = 3
  • horror = 61
  • music = 5
  • SF = 15
  • thriller = 67
  • war = 4

I’ve seen only 6 movies from 2017, best of them iz Logan Lucky, which is kind of new instalement of Ocean’s 11 series. So, we have seen that before from Soderbergh, but it was very fun and it is better than Ocean’s 11 and 12.

Best 5 movies I’ve seen for the first time in 2017:

  • Black Swan
  • Green Room
  • Mulholland Drive
  • Incendies
  • Ulzana’s Raid

Best westerns I’ve seen in 2017:

  • Ulzana’s Raid
  • Duel in the Sun
  • Sentenza di morte (best spag of 4 I’ve seen)

(Søren) #22

And now I have the statistical proof. Started writing down when I watched a given movie and can now see that I watched 444 new (not seen by me before) movies last year and rewatched a bunch not included in that number. That’s pretty good.

(Phil H) #23

Holy crap! That’s a lot of movies my friend.

(titoli) #24

I’m guessing Sebastian and caress are close to that number too :slight_smile :slight_smile:
We are waitnig for the record winner…

(Søren) #25

Yep, I was surprised as well :slight_smile: Cost me a couple of late nights though. Didn’t watch that many tv series episodes so that probably also helped keep the number high. Know a lot of people binge on several seasons of different tv series and that adds up to quite a few movies that could be watched instead :slight_smile:

(Søren) #26

That would be my bet also :slight_smile: Some people manage to watch an unfathomable number of movies.

(Phil H) #27

Yes, that is true.
I am finding my own movie watching has declined with the steady improvement of TV series. This is only increased by the fact my wife is more keen on the TV series so we watch more together. Also, it’s easier to commit to a one hour episode of something in the evening after work than a 2 hour movie.

(Søren) #28

Ah there our wives differ :slight_smile: Mine would rather watch a movie (long ones are often split in two sittings though) than an episode of a tv series. Our problem with tv series are I think that we have a very hard time coping with a series when it heads dead water which they often do. Then we have a tendency to abandon a series alltogether or just postpone the next episode indefinitely sometimes. Then it’s easier hitting a bad movie for when it’s done that’s that.

(Asa) #29

Nowhere near close to that number! 444 first-time viewings!? Fupping crikey! Can you even remember them all Søren, taking in that much new material? When I was watching the Bond movies for the first time ever a few years ago there was a point where I was trying to crack through a couple at a time every single day but they were just blurring together far too much and I had to slow the process down. And that was only a couple of dozen pictures!

Letterboxd tells me I watched 413 movies in total in 2017, only 145 of which were first-time viewings for me. Of those 145, 46 can be said to have been released in 2017 (by which I mean I’m counting movies which may have been released to festivals in 2015 or 2016 but which received general releases - theatrically or VOD - in 2017; or movies such as The Blackcoat’s Daughter or 47 Meters Down which enjoyed brief, limited runs in another incarnation but which were repackaged/remarketed for 2017).

The Blackcoat’s Daughter was certainly my favourite release from last year. I’m not sure offhand which of my first-time views in 2017 was my favourite but I recall being immensely impressed by Kurosawa’s 1957 re-imagining of Macbeth, Throne of Blood, a movie I enjoyed so much I immediately watched it again as soon as I’d finished watching it the first time. So it was probably that one. Favourite first-time-viewing western was Brimstone although I’m pretty sure the only westerns I saw in 2017 for the first time were Brimstone, 1966’s The Savage Pampas and 1971’s The Hunting Party.

Well, there’s a truth to that. I’m having a David Attenborough January right now: I’m watching Africa (5 episodes), Blue Planet II (7 episodes), Frozen Planet (6 episodes), Life (10 episodes), Madagascar (3 episodes), Planet Earth (11 episodes) and Planet Earth II (6 episodes) over every weekday in January. That’s at least a couple of episodes every single weekday, and that’ll definitely hobble my film viewing for the month. It’s also a New Year’s resolution of mine to read a lot more this year, and that will cut into film time, too.

(Søren) #30

Haha. I can take it in but I certainly can’t remember them all. That’s why I write them down :slight_smile: I do remember the good movies though, but the plot to some random 3rd rate horror movie may slip my mind :slight_smile:

It must be the most movies I’ve ever watched in a single year so will probably not be equalled by me in the next couple of years if ever. I have though watched 8 movies (7 new) this year so am of to a good start.

(Sebastian) #31

Last year (according to my Letterboxd stats) I watched 314 movies (59 of them re-watches, 270 of them were older than of 2017)